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Air Conditioner Rental

Temporary Air Conditioners

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers a widespread variety of portable air conditioner units for rent in the UAE and GCC region. Our AC units are designed specially to be able to work in diverse environments and industries. Our units are easy to install and use, they simply need to be plugged and they start functioning, they are as well environmentally friendly and energy efficient to manage your running costs and be eco-friendly.

Our portable air conditioner units are available all across the Middle East through our depots for quick and reliable delivery. Our portable units support you 24/7 and 365 days a year, with comprehensive back-up solutions available whenever necessary, to keep you relaxed and stress free.


With an array of portable air conditioner units in our fleet, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental are able to serve you with bespoke solutions for the most diverse industries and sectors such as:

  • Events and Exhibitions- Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensures that your guests and organizers never say “It’s too hot and humid” for them to enjoy. We offer complete and customized cooling solution for your events and exhibitions to keep the ambience relaxed and comfortable
  • Hotels and Restaurants- With our portable air conditioner units, we deliver excellent experience for your guests to keep them comfortable and cool, and to keep you relaxed
  • Offices- Our complete cooling packages deliver excellent results in small or large offices, keeping all your employees motivated and comfortable to yield you better productivity. Contact Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to keep your assets and employees away from uncomforting heat and humidity.
  • Retail- With our portable air conditioners, never lose a customer or employee due to unpleasant temperature in retail outlets. Andrews Sykes Climate offers convenient yet stylish AC units to match perfectly with your retail environment.
  • IT & Server Rooms- Our 24/7 continuously functioning units will provide you a constant and trustworthy support to keep all your IT & server rooms cool for their effortless performance which is very necessary in the current era.
  • Healthcare- At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we keep all your healthcare assets in a maintained temperature which is very essential for the sterility of healthcare tools and health of patients being treated.
  • Construction- Our temporary air conditioners support your construction activities safeguarding your workers and assets from the harsh summer heat.

Our HVAC experts are ready to provide you with customized solutions to all your cooling needs. Contact us with any of your requirements and let us serve you better.

Our Service

Our specialist knowledge and local Middle East experience in air conditioner rental not only lets us understand your needs, but allows Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to provide you with the very latest in environmentally friendly portable air conditioners and rental chiller cooling units.

Whether you need to cool a single room or multiple offices or to keep critical environments such as computer server rooms at the lower temperatures or maintain a comfortable venue for Ramadan Tents and hospitality, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental will deliver fast to any location in the Middle East, 24/7 365 days a year.

Our local experts are ready to take your call today and we provide instant portable air conditioner rental and full turnkey rental chiller solutions throughout the Middle East from one of our GCC depots.

Our expert air conditioner rental advisors and engineers are available to visit you anywhere in the Middle East. We provide free site surveys that will ensure we deliver the right rental climate controlled solution, which is ideal for your environment and application.

With many years of experience and expertise, our engineers will assess each area and advise the best solution from our range of exhaust tube portable air conditioners or our split air conditioner units. For larger scale cooling requirements and more specialized

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