Events & Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are always welcomed in the Middle East. With its cultural diversity, the GCC & MENA region attracts a lot of events and exhibitions which are held across many locations, indoor and outdoor. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is capable of providing temporary cooling for all events and exhibitions, which makes any indoor or outdoor event more comfortable for the guests and the organizers

Complete Solutions

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides customized chiller hire packages, which provide cooling for large spaces like events and exhibitions which is a necessity for ensuring your guests have a pleasant experience during the whole event. Our chiller hire service includes all ancillary equipment- super-silent generators, heat exchangers, pump sets, Air Handlers, Temporary ducting and pipework.

Our HVAC technicians and engineers will enhance your events, with a cool and fresh atmosphere all the time. We offer a manned on-site service, whereby we will monitor your equipment for the duration of the event. Any changes in the climate, we will ensure that the output of our cooling equipment is also changed. Thus you can be relaxed without an issues.

For any event related enquiries, call us on our toll free +971 800 79537, to directly get in touch with one of our experts.

Discreet and Low Noise

When it comes to event cooling, the efficiency of the equipment is important, but at the same time, we also guarantee that our units will be discreet to your guests. Our units work silently in operation, thus keeping the noise level very low and not disturbing your important event.

On the other hand, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental also safeguards the environment, with the provision of fully eco-friendly equipment, which are the most cost effective units available in the market.

Success Stories

Chandeliers & Carpets Exhibition, Dubai – Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was privileged to work with one of the major event organizers in Dubai. The event was held in a huge marquee tent, which welcomed between 200-350 guests every day. Chiller Hire package was provided by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to keep the guests and exhibition participants in comfort.

Cavalia, Abu Dhabi – Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was awarded the cooling contract for the prestigious Cavalia event in Abu Dhabi. The large tents were cooled by a complete package cooling solution offered by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental which included the Chillers, Air Conditioners, Air Handlers and Duct Systems and Flexible Hoses. Our on-site technicians monitored all the equipment for a cool and comfortable environment.

Our Range

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