Evaporative Coolers

Andrews Sykes Evaporative Coolers work their best in such environments by cooling air by drawing it across a wet filter to refresh the air flow so that the overall room temperature is actually not decreased but instead creates a “Sea Breeze” effect. They work finest if the room where you are going to use it is well ventilated at all times.

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It is difficult to maintain a localized comfort level when there is a very limited or no access to outside. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers an instant solution to such places with its fully portable and easy to install evaporative coolers. These are the best option in such environments whilst providing a comfortable and cool atmosphere in the required area.

These units do not require installation, nor connection to external devices. Just fill in water, plug in, switch on and your cooling is running, no more hassles. This unit is suitable for various applications such as offices, shops, retail stores, classrooms, computer rooms, restaurants, night clubs, parties etc.

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