Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensures that we provide our finest service to match with the standards of your hotel/restaurant/resort. So if you are looking for an emergency temporary cooling after any of your breakdowns or your planned maintenances are scheduled- We will offer you with the largest range of portable air conditioners at the earliest to keep your guests in ease. With us, you can be secure of all your cooling needs.

Why Cool Hotels/Resorts?

Hotels and Resorts are emerging as a customer satisfaction driven industry. The moment a guest is unhappy with his experience, they tend to change their preferences. Thus every little comfort of the guest has to be kept in mind. You may need to shut down your entire or partial cooling system to carry out a regular or an emergency maintenance. To keep your guests still cool, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers a diverse range of portable air conditioners which can be delivered to you at the earliest. Our sophisticated fleet will also ensure that it suits your standards with the most attractive and stylish designs.

Middle East is famous for its unique & luxurious hotels and resorts. The leisure industry is growing day by day and its main concern is customer satisfaction! When it comes to satisfying the customer, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort- considering the desert climate with hot and humid atmosphere it is extremely important to keep the temperatures under control as a first step towards comfort to the guest.

With a varying climate experienced in the Middle East, it is difficult to cope up with sudden rise in temperatures, leading you to lose customers and end up damaging your reputations. Our AC rental service is ready to help you in such emergencies and thereby retaining your clients and reputation.

Environment & Energy

An investment in Andrews Sykes Climate Rentals air conditioners is sure to be a cost effective solution for all your cooling requirements. We provide AC units which are most reliable and efficient, capable to work in diverse environments which also maintain your running costs. All our units are the most environmentally friendly units available in the market. We ensure we perform the Portable Appliance Test (PAT) to secure the performance of our AC’s and provide you with a competent and proficient product for usage.

Case Studies

Hotel Conference

A luxurious hotel in Dubai with a large conference hall, was holding a meeting with lots of delegates. Being a large room, the cooling was insufficient and the hotel authorities realized they needed an expert provider as soon as possible. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental’s team was called out on an emergency. After a detailed assessment of the environment, specialized mobile split AC units were installed within a few hours throughout the conference facility, providing a cool and refreshing ambience to the hall. The stylish design of the AC units was complementing the lavish conference room whilst providing a comforting meeting experience.

Hotel Conference

Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

One of the major restaurants in Abu Dhabi noticed that during the summers the cooling wasn’t enough in the main seating area. The problem was a major one as guests were not comfortable during their meal. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was called urgently to provide adequate cooling. When noticed that the place had no access to outside, Evaporative Coolers were installed to provide cooling for the guests. Within minutes the evaporative coolers created a ‘sea breeze’ effect in the restaurant. All the coolers operated from a standard 220/240 volt supply and were easily connected to the domestic sockets available at the restaurant.

Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

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