Facilities Management

We provide instant emergency back up or planned maintenance support in working environments to keep them functioning continuously. With over 40 years of experience in providing of air conditioning solutions to many sectors, we have been a continuous support to major facilities management groups to carry on smooth functioning, and deliver the best results. We provide you with dependable service to help you keep up your assurances to your clients.

Helping You

A variety of working environments including hospitals, IT & Telecoms, Offices, Public Sector and many others are very important to be functional at all times. We understand the need of FM providers to arrange continuous cooling solutions to the ever increasing demand in businesses.

We cognize the commitment facility managers have bestowed to their clients, and to make their work easier we provide a well-planned comprehensive air conditioner rental service which takes consideration of all your aspects of business with efficient back-up cooling solutions.

As a facilities incharge, you are responsible of delivering continuous amount of services for numerous amount of clients. We believe, that rest aside, rising temperatures must be the least of your concern when you are working along with Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

With our diverse fleet of portable AC’s, we can offer to you with bespoke solutions which are planned by us keeping your environment and sector in mind. Our stylish yet powerful AC units are sure to keep your environment cool and comfortable irrespective of varying temperatures.

Reliable Service

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensures you get the best service irrespective of the rental period being long term or short term. Every AC unit we offer to you is thoroughly pre-checked and tested by Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in order to provide you with a safe product for use. Our team of experts, provide you with regular planned maintenances and on site security to give you a stress free service.

With a service including of site survey, design, installation, on site servicing, flexible ducting & hoses, combined with our powerful air handlers, make us differentiate ourselves from other suppliers and making us capable to provide you with large volume of cool air suitable for huge areas, indoors and outdoors.

Case Studies

Server Room Cooling, Dubai

When a leading company in Dubai had their scheduled maintenances, they had to plan out a cooling supplier at the earliest to keep their server rooms in the required temperatures so that they could continue smoothly with their day to day business activities. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was called at a short notice, and after a brief site survey, the company was provided with 15 portable air conditioning tube units which ensured that all the equipment in the data rooms remained at a stable temperature and the heat generated by the equipment didn’t affect the heat sensitive equipment.

Server Room Cooling, Dubai

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