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Dehumidifier Rental

Dehumidifiers for Rent

We have a huge experience in providing and specifying dehumidifiers on a rental basis. Our units are available throughout the Middle East. Our heavy duty range of portable building and industrial dryers are suitable for any environment and application including water damage, drying of materials and controlling excessive moisture due to local conditions.

We have been a trusted HVAC supplier for various sectors including industrial processes, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and building, hotels, offices, domestic usage etc.

We offer two different types of dryer rental solutions: Desiccant and Refrigerant, both of which are provided to our clients on short term or long term rental periods. The good thing about investing in Andrews Dehumidifiers is to get a diverse range of units to suit your needs, and we can provide you with a complete packaged solution which comes within your budgets.

The UAE is prone to have a lot of moisture problem as the country has a tropical weather which is hot and humid for the majority of the year. Excess moisture can impede businesses and manufacturing processes which can cause major loss of revenue and time. Whether it be protection of your stored raw materials and end products in warehouses or quick drying of cement and paint during your construction activities, our dehumidifiers are an instant solution for protection or fastening drying processes.

Excess of moisture may lead to formations of mildew, molds and fungi growth, which negatively affects the atmosphere and health of people and also ruin material stored in such areas.

Due to high humidity, critical operations are majorly affected by corrosion and condensation in commercial, industrial or domestic surroundings. A sustainable and controlled environment can generate better productivity and a healthy environment. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental can help you with maintaining your environment. We solve any of your humidity related problems, including:

  • Avoiding metal corrosion by controlling excess humid air.
  • Reduction in construction timings by fastening the drying of processes like concrete, fire proofing and insulation.
  • Safeguarding your valuable equipment from excess humidity.
  • Helping in drying of water-damaged buildings, to avoid total reconstruction of the structure.
  • Providing the most consistent and stable ambience for layering of floors, fixing of wooden fitting etc.
  • Further to the above, our experts are able to provide you with bespoke solutions for controlling moisture. Our products are very energy efficient and competitively priced, giving you the opportunity of saving costs rather than replacement or reconstruction of the damaged area.

    Our customized solutions will cater to your exact need, whether you need large quantities or a single unit, for personal, commercial or industrial use, simply call us now on [00971] 800 79537 and our specially trained staff will assist and guide you to get you the best option for your needs.

Our Products

There are two different types of dehumidifiers we offer: - The Refrigerant units and the Desiccant units. Smaller units are called as building dryers whereas the larger units are known as industrial drying units.

Understanding Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

The best way to explain the way refrigerant dryers works is to compare it to how condensation is formed on a cold window. It contains a compressed refrigeration system therefore making it the coldest place in the room where is it placed. As air is being drawn, any moisture content in it gets condensed and collected in its container. Thus being able to easily control humidity in the air.

These units are self-reliant as they have their own in-built air circulation system. A fan which operates within it, pulls air from outside into it and passes it through the refrigerated heat exchanger which turns the air cold and making all the moisture in the air to be precipitated.

The energies from circuit, air-steam and the latent energy from the dehumidification process gets combined and is provided to the refrigeration condenser which is thus heated up. This way the cool air which is passing through the evaporator gets warmed and dried and then transferred back into the room/area where the dryer is installed. The moisture which is collected from this process is discarded.

Building Dryers

With a boastful and trustworthy capacity of 75 liters per day, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental’s building dryers are known for delivering high standards of drying. These robust yet compact units are most used in constructions and refurbishment, where wet processes may be dried quickly and efficiently in the most economic manner and reducing any possible shrinkages or cracking problems. They are very cost effective and may be used along with our heating units to enhance the drying process. We provide these in dual voltages i.e. 110volts and 230volts.

Extraction of moisture happens by simple means of waters natural tendency to discharge itself from wet substances into the dry air. This process is voluntary and unforced and dries concretes and plasters fully. The use of such dehumidifiers is very environmentally friendly, and they have lesser costs comparatively to drying though heaters and ventilation. These units do not require excess supervision and are able to run twenty four hours and seven days a week with our site engineers on security for overnight operations, leaving you relaxed and easing your job.

We have introduced the latest FD40 unit and our other units include HD500FD30 and FD15.

Have a look at the specifications and features of our latest dehumidifier available for rent.

Industrial Dehumidifiers

With the ability to hold up to 600 liters a day, these robust and unswerving units deliver the most effective drying wherever installed. They use an evaporator and a condenser and they can keep large areas dry effortlessly. These industrial dryers come in two ranges the DH150 and the DH600.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

These units are most suitable when the area which needs to be dried has very low temperatures and very low relative humidity is needed. They are equipped with materials which are moisture-absorbing such as silica gel also known as desiccant materials.

These materials are known to have a very high water vapor absorbing power. Many desiccant dehumidifiers use the material in a ‘rotor’ form. These dryers are generally comprised of the following main components:

  • The component which comprises of the desiccant rotor.
  • A fan for the movement of dehumidified air through the desiccant rotor.
  • A fan to move reactivation air through the desiccant rotor.
  • A heater
  • A device to rotate the desiccant rotor

These units can be connected with our air compressors and after-coolers, to give you a complete drying solution.

To fasten the process of drying, ventilation units can be installed which increase the velocity of air as it passes the wet surface.

Our Service

nown for our quality of service and the wide range of products, our humidity control service offers you with the best solutions. One toll free call to +971 800 79537 or using our enquiry form connects you to our team who will be able to arrange for you a dedicated site personnel and conduct a free site survey and determine the most suitable unit for your requirement.

A thorough quotation will be sent across which will cover all your requirements. After your consent, our operations and delivery team will arrange for the delivery and installation of the equipment at your location.

Our team of operations will be available to support you 24/7 and 365 days a year whenever required.

When you rent out any dehumidification unit from Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, you are provided with expert services such as:

  • Uninterrupted and consistent service
  • Wide variety of building, refrigerant and desiccant dryers available throughout the Middle East
  • Experienced delivery team for faster deliveries
  • On request, free site surveys
  • Customized solutions which are cost effective

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