Food & Beverages

The food and beverages industry gives utmost care to the quality and taste of food. Every food unit manufactured, has to be kept at a certain temperature in order for it to maintain its quality and taste. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental comes as a recue for the food and beverages industry when they are in need of an external cooling equipment to keep the temperatures maintained at a certain level, which might not be possible at all times.

F&B Cooling

The food industry works on the basic principle of delivering/producing the unit with best quality and taste. A certain set of standards are followed as a discipline in this industry to ensure the food is safe and is of quality and at the same time delivers a good taste. To maintain this quality and taste every raw material and the end food product must be maintained at a certain temperature in order to stay fresh and taste best.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is an expert in maintenance of temperatures at a certain level. With the introduction of High Performance Air Conditioner (HPAC90), which is capable to provide cooling and heating functions, the equipment can be set to the required temperature level at which the food is of best quality and the rest will be handled by the equipment. All our products require minimal supervision and are very user friendly, making them the best available products in the market.

Energy Efficient Units

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers to you to you the finest AC units available in the market. With all our engineers trained with Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), we ensure our units are pre-checked for security before being loaded for deliveries.

All our units are manufactured and designed with precision, and keeping the environment in mind. Thus, you can be assured of all our equipment to be eco-friendly and efficient. While renting our units, you can easily manage your working costs, as over the years, we supply to you with cost effective equipment.

Specialist Solutions

We offer you with turnkey solutions which enable you to sit back and relax, while our experts do their job. Our cooling solutions include design, installation, on-site service, technical assistance, commissioning and off hire demobilization.

We customize your cooling package based upon your environment, temperature and room space. With the facility of on-site security and on-site maintenance, we ensure that the AC and Chiller units being offered are safe and running continuously for your comfort.

We cool down from the smallest of rooms to the largest production plants, whilst offering both long term and short term rentals. To keep your stored raw materials and end products fresh, and help you in the production our experts construct comprehensive back-up solutions as a standby, which gives you another reason to stay relaxed.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental- Expert service and peace of mind, whenever and wherever you need…

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