Healthcare is a sector where even the minutest of the things are to be taken into consideration, as it reflects in the lives of patients! At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we provide you with planned and emergency support during maintenances or breakdowns and for keeping a controlled temperatures in critical environments- we understand when you say “emergency”!

Healthcare & Cooling

Healthcare sector is of utmost importance for Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we attend at the fastest possible time, anywhere in the emirates, any time of the day or night! Unexpected breakdowns, emergencies or planned maintenances may leave your doctors, nurses, staff and hundreds of patients uncomfortable and may even have a negative effect on the life of patients, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental aims to provide comfortable cooling within the shortest time to keep the premises cool and relaxing.

High temperatures in the healthcare sector can be very severe and absolutely unacceptable standard by the Ministry of Healthcare. Andrews Sykes Climate offers you with instant split type and exhaust type air conditioners and evaporative coolers which can be installed in no time in your required area’s to support your hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, critical area’s and medical equipment.

It has been stated right that, having cool and fresh indoor air isn’t a luxury, but a requirement in the healthcare sector and its associate sectors. They require continuous and reliable temperature and air quality control to keep away the sick air from the critical equipment, hospital staff and patients etc. Our portable air conditioner units function to enhance the environment by exhausting the sick indoor air and bringing in filtered, fresh and cool outdoor air.

Your Cooling Partner!

Our experts operate dedicatedly to calculate your exact cooling needs based upon the current temperatures and room space. From the beginning of your enquiry up till the end, we assist you in terms of pricing, delivery, performance and maintenance. You can depend on us for a fast and professional service with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week functioning and reliable equipment.

Our engineers are alert and mobile whenever an enquiry is sent across to us, thus allowing us to serve you quicker with the most appropriate cooling solution from our broad range of portable AC’s. Our immediate rental solutions are aimed at keeping your business comfortable.

Our Range

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