Indoor and outdoor events become unbearable when the temperature & humidity rise. The most important thing is to keep your guests & customers happy. The last thing you want to see is your guests ‘hand fanning’ themselves to bear with the uncontrolled temperature. We ensure that your events are carried out smoothly with a complete distribution of cool air throughout the area, keeping your guests focused on the event rather than the temperature.

How we help you

In the Middle East, we see a lot of events going on around the year. Keeping in mind the hot and humid climate experienced throughout the year, it is necessary to keep events air conditioned and cool at all times. Events are organized to socialize and have fun. If there is an uncomfortable hot and humid climate around you, it becomes quite difficult to enjoy or socialize. Our experience in providing air conditioning for events, with our ability to deliver to you the right equipment at the right time gives us an upper hand as a supplier of portable air conditioner units for events and exhibitions.

From the very beginning of your event, we pre-plan our design based upon our site survey, and by the time your event is scheduled to start, our AC units are installed and running to keep you and your guests comfortable. With our easy to install and easy to use units you are guaranteed a reliable service with dedicated back-up solutions kept ready in case of any unlikely situations.

What we do?

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental aims to provide air conditioner rental equipment to all sort of events, including but not limited to exhibitions, fun parties, corporate events, weddings, concerts, etc. We have the largest fleet of portable air conditioners, air handlers, fans and liquid chillers for rental in the Middle East- to ensure everyone is comfortable!

Our services are available all across the UAE and GCC region through our depots in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in UAE and through our agents in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. We offer you customized event cooling solutions to enhance the ambience of your events and provide comfort to your guests who will be attending it.

We pride ourselves in being capable of providing you with diverse options and the largest available fleet of portable AC’s in Middle East. Our services are including, but not limited to, design, installation, technical service, on site assistance, commissioning and secure back-up solutions to keep your entire event hassle and stress free.

Energy and Environment

When you invest in Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we ensure you receive the most reliable equipment available in the market. All our portable AC units are environmentally friendly and are performed with Portable Appliance Test (PAT) on a regular basis to deliver to you a safe and secure unit. On the other hand, our air conditioner units are very efficient in performance and cost effective in usage.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers you: Energy Efficient, Reliable Equipment- Guaranteed!

Case Studies

Ramadan Tents

The month of Ramadan is celebrated as the most pious month in the Middle East. Muslims who are fasting throughout the day gather together at the time of sunset in traditional Ramadan Tents to break their fast and enjoy their Iftar. These tents are placed in the open or outside mosque’s, thus making it very hot and unbearable inside. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental operated throughout the month of Ramadan providing air conditioning to different Ramadan Tents across the UAE to ensure that every individual breaks his fast peacefully.

Ramadan Tents

Red Bull BC One

When it comes to provide cooling for approximately 300 guests in a high energy packed event, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental does not back out! Red Bull BC One Event had a lot of youngsters with extra loads of energy packed in them. During the entire event, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensured that every guest is comfortable in spite of the crowded atmosphere. The event was cooled by numerous PAC 60 AC units placed throughout the area to be cooled, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ambience for all.

Red Bull BC One

Bridal Party

In the month of May, when the summer is at its peak, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was called to save a bridal party which was taking place in a glass Majlis which created a lot of heat. The party was organized by a high profile Emirati family who wanted their guests to be happy and content. The event was supplied with two 100kw Chillers connected to six 50kw Air Handling Units to provide cooling in a 30m x 30m x 5m glass majlis with approximate 200 guests. Two 17kw PAC60 units were as well provided to provide cooling for ancillary areas. Although the event took place during one of the hottest of the month of the year, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was able to keep the guests cool and happy throughout the party.

Bridal Party

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