Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners

Andrews Sykes Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners are very easy to use, highly energy efficient and classified as the best in business. Their stylish yet powerful body makes them stand apart. At Andrews Sykes, we offer to you Exhaust Tube (ET), Split Type Portable - refrigerant and water. Each of the above three have its own different strengths and benefits and we will help you choose the right one needed for your requirements.

  • We are price competitive.
  • Give a really fast and friendly service.
  • Offer a Genuine 24/7 365 day a year service.
  • We have locations throughout the Middle East.
  • We have the largest range of air conditioning in the Middle East.

Exhaust tube air conditioners offered by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental work on a simple principle of passing over hot inside air over condenser coils and blown back in the required area to bring down the temperatures. The heat which is generated during this process is exhausted via a tube, known popularly as exhaust tube. They are designed to fit into any of your environments with their stylish and modern body.

Our exhaust units work best in offices, retail stores, IT and server rooms, residential apartments etc. They are easy to handle and use, and the AC unit starts its operation with a simple plug in. They are powerful and portable units which are available throughout the UAE and GCC markets.

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