Emergency Requirements

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is an expert in helping out clients in emergency situations. We understand when you say “emergency” and reach to you at the earliest. An unexpected breakdown or a sudden equipment failure can happen anytime- causing you a lot of problems, which may be monetary as well as non- monetary. We at Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensure that you do not face embarrassing situations with respect to the cooling.

Emergency Cooling

Emergency situations arise uninformed and end up raising your nerves. You may be expecting some of the most important business delegates, or your guests may be arriving for your most awaited event, or your business IT room has hanged due to excess heat, leaving you and your employees in a distress!! Andrews Sykes Climate Rental understands emergencies and gives out the best solutions in the minimal time to save you from these problems.

With the capability to deliver to you within the quickest span of time, we arrange for your comfort whilst providing the best of service. Our well-spread depot locations and alert operations teams make it easy for us to reach to you in times of emergencies being faced by you.

Energy and Environment

Temporary AC units offered by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental are energy efficient and reliable units. Each unit after manufacturing, is undergone with Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) which is a universal appliance test for guarantee of the unit.

Keeping in mind the environment, we have designed our units to be eco-friendly and green. They meet all environment standards and operate in a user friendly manner. Added with the cost effectiveness and the high efficiency of the units, they make the most reliable, efficient and cost effective units available in the Middle East Market.

Success Stories

Emergency Office Cooling: Without a doubt every office has a permanent cooling system installed for their employees and workers. But what happens when the district cooling provider needs to switch off the cooling system for essential maintenance? Andrews Sykes Climate Rental incurred a similar situation when one of a major auditing company has to switch off its district cooling system for a maintenance. Andrews Sykes provided the company with emergency cooling solution in the most minimum time so as to keep the employees within the company in comfort.

Our Range

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