Schools and Education

The education sector determines the future of the country. With a number of educational institutions and schools on the rise, every institute is looking forward to provide the best services to the students so as to stand out among the others. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental aims in providing comfort cooling which keep the faculty and students at ease. Our range of portable air conditioners are always available within the shortest time span.

Why cool your school?

Schools and educational institutions are the future of the economy. A comfortable temperature will keep the students and their teachers motivated in their jobs. Any emergency breakdowns or maintenances may cause the whole or part of cooling system to shut down, creating an unbearable temperature which leads to distraction and uneasiness. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers the best cooling solutions to avoid such situations in educational institutions. We have dispatch facilities throughout the Middle East to enable faster deliveries for emergency situations.

It is essential to have a cool and controlled temperature, not only for the students and staff, but as well as for areas such as gyms where excess humidity can be found, and server rooms where heat sensitive IT equipment is kept. Our portable split type air conditioner units will enhance the atmosphere of classrooms, staffrooms, student accommodations, gyms, libraries and indoor sport areas etc.

When it comes to schools, it is very important to keep the air fresh and clean, because, where they are kids, they certainly are a lot of germs! It becomes risky to let the students and staff be in the same sick air, which could be dangerous as well. Fortunately, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is here to help. Our energy efficient and germ filtering AC units, make sure the air circulates and remains fresh and lively. Clean, cool and fresh air would lead to a happier environment, where teaching and learning becomes stress-free and active.

Reliable Service

When it comes to the delivery of Andrews Sykes Climate Rental’s service and operations, we leave no stones unturned to meet and exceed your expectations. To deliver to you the right products at the right time is not an option for us, we make it our obligation!

We operate from various depots around UAE and cover all the seven emirates when it comes to delivering service. In the GCC region, we have our tried and trusted agents who work on behalf of us in the Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain and Qatar who follow our principles of delivering service to meet your expectations.

We are known for the largest range of portable air conditioners available in the Middle East market and our promising deliveries and services throughout this region. We do not believe in standard packages for everyone, whereas we offer you with a customized package which is suitable to your required area of cooling.

Success Stories

Computer College, Dubai Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was quickly approached by a computer college in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, where the students were experiencing a bad time with the online networks not working properly due to extreme heated server rooms. As it was peak summer time, the usual centralized air conditioners and fans were not enough to cool down the server rooms. As our experts came for a site survey, they suggested for 2 exhaust tube units to be installed. Within no time the air conditioners were connected and running. Soon, all the IT related problems eased down and the students and staff were thankful for the service provided by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

Our Range

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