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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides high performance temporary air conditioner for floating 5-star hotel in Dubai

QE23Andrews Sykes Climate Rental have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within hotel environments, including restaurants, large and small kitchens, lounge, sports halls and even for special events and occasions.

One of the world-famous cruise liner, which has a history spanning 5 decades, is now docked permanently at Mina Rashid, Dubai functioning as a 5-star hotel. With the summer season hitting high, the hoteliers are taking precautions to ensure guests and staff remain cool during the period. Recently, the F&B Manager for the cruise came up with an idea to introduce a new lounge into the liner. The new lounge was planned to place on the rear deck where there is ample space and it was built in a very short period. After building it there came the real issue for cooling. The HVAC design for the new lounge were not met as per the Dubai municipality HVAC standards. Hence there emerged the requirement for temporary climatic control and called up Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for a solution. QE-2 Funky

Because of the variance of guest occupancy across a typical day, air conditioning units must be easily adapted to fit the unique requirements of that particular situation. To propose a controllable cooling solution that satisfies end users cooling requirement, our expert provided with high efficiency and less weighted HPAC90(90kW) package units those are able to ensure an ideal level of comfort zone for the guests. As an expert in the market, for Andrews Sykes it was such an honor to serve the pinnacle of evolution.

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Andrews Sykes helps to reduce temperature inside another tobacco storage facility in Sharjah, UAE

Andrews Sykes Chiller rental department received a call from one of the tobacco product distribution companies to seek professional solution to maintain temperature and humidity inside 50,000 cubic meter warehouse facility.

As per the manufacturer’s recommendation and local municipality regulation on all the tobacco storage facility must have controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation. The failure to abide by the rules will lead to serious hazard and health related issues. tobacco storage facility

The client requested temperature should be below 28 Degree Celsius and humidity should be between 55 to 60%. As a leading climate control expert in the Middle East for cooling down such large warehouse facilities, Andrews Sykes suggested multiples of medium size 300kW air handler units along with 700kW air cooled chiller.

Client was satisfied with our proposal and within 24 hours upon confirmation we supplied, installed and commissioned the whole cooling plant.

For your Temporary Warehouse cooling, Warehouse climate control, Spot cooling for workers please do call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes provides emergency chiller for plastic manufacturing business

Production costs are expenses, such as materials and labor that your company incurs in the course of producing the product that you sell to consumers. However, low production costs do not necessarily guarantee a high quality product to the company. Quality simply means delivering to the customer what they expected-the same guarantee Andrews Sykes always keeps with their customers.

Following the failed restore of 12 year old chiller at a well-established plastic extrusion company located at Ras Al Khaima, UAE, Andrews Sykes, UAE were asked to step in and provide a solution for the intensive plastic extrusion business during peak summer.


During the engineer’s visit at site, it was found that many of the heavy machineries for plastic manufacturing were kept idle due to failed chiller and this meant no production. The client requirement was for 330kW cooling, Andrews Sykes proposed it with a 384kW chiller along with accessories. Delivery, installation and full commissioning were completed on the same day and therefore the factory was up and running within 24hrs. The plastic extrusion business is back on and the customer can rely for more quality products during the assured hire period.

It was a great day and a great job has been done by team Andrews Sykes UAE. Special thanks must go to the transportation coordinator for reserving the exact hiab for the emergency requirement.

Andrews Sykes chiller products come with the environment friendly R134A refrigerant. To view the complete range of Andrews Sykes products, please visit:

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE supplied emergency cooling to a high profile Tobacco Company

A high profile tobacco processing company located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, contacted Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire in search of emergency cooling requirement.

During the expert’s site visit it was found that the factory temperatures were reaching above 37 degrees in some areas, the existing chiller which could not cope with the high ambient condition resulted to circuit failure. After thorough assessment(client lacking spare electrical power and does not want to invest more on generator and diesel), it was decided that one 100kW chiller with same capacity air handling unit would provide the necessary amount of cooling to gradually cool down the space. The proposed was quickly installed by our experts and made sure the temperature dropped in 24hr time.


If there is anything you are unsure about temporary climate control or you have got a query that has not been properly answered, make sure you speak to our team of experts to get it clarified. Andrews Sykes welcomes you.

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High Performance and lesser maintenance, Packaged AC Unit-HPAC90

Under very high temperature and harsh dusty climatic conditions, Andrews Sykes provides high performance & lesser maintenance air conditioners, which is optimal for the cooling solutions in the Middle East.


Andrews Sykes have wide range of packaged climate control products for the hot summer in the Middle East. During temperature of 43oC and at an average humidity of 78% Andrews Sykes high performance package units meet the client specifications and requirements. All credit goes to the technical team who always give above par dedication towards Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

Know the wide range of summer climatic control options at Andrews Sykes, visit HPAC90

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental for Aluminium Manufacturing Company

Dubai Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) is all time revolt since it is launched in 2002 in Dubai. It was developed as a resource for support, information and outreach for the growing small and medium enterprise sector.

Andrews Sykes Chiller Department received a call from one of the SME owners to provide a very cost effective and high performance temporary chiller system for the production of aluminium alloys. The client had a very tough time with the under-performed chiller which resulted to high oil temperature, eventually client decided to shut down the machine.

Our Chiller expert visited the site and designed tailor made connection to maintain low water flow with suitable pressure and recommended an oil pump which raised the oil temperature up to 60 degrees Celsius. The job is awarded to us with a commitment to maintain a constant temperature of 5 degrees Celsius to the heat exchanger throughout the Aluminium alloy production process.


The project was very challenging and our chiller expert monitored the job for two days and finally handed over the project to the client. Consequently, the client was extremely elated with Andrews Sykes Service which again made big hope to SME owner to restart the manufacturing process. We have proved again that with our high performance rental Chiller, we can cater to any types of industry which are in need of temporary Cooling and or Chilled water.

For your temporary process cooling, oil pump cooling, cooling jacket, comfort cooling for workers please do call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes High-performance Packaged AC Unit during the Royal Event

Just like every other events that need planning, something can go wrong regardless of how meticulous you are as an event planner. The task for an event planner is to make sure everything runs smoothly, from the preparation phase to the end of the event. The planner probably done their best to avoid mistakes, but it does not hurt to get ready for sudden changes.

02.07.2018 HPAC90

Andrews Sykes Climate Rentals were asked to offer portable units of 5RT x 5nos during a day event that happened the first week of June (the month mentioned is the severity of summer heat). After the Engineers’visit at site it was found that the cooling load for 3000m3 dome structured arena with only tarpaulin wall and roof was not considered by the event planner. Andrews Sykes swiftly provided solution of 25RT x 3nos high performing package units. The entire crew members of event team were overjoyed with the solution that provided by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, Dubai, as it was a prestigious event were many of the Royal members of UAE cabinet were present.

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental for Five Star Hotels for FIFA World Cup

Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental Dubai has been invited by one of the event organization teams to provide larger size chiller with variable drive air handling unit. The client wanted to provide treated fresh air for temporary structure.

The temporary structure was opened for diehard fans of FIFA World Cup 2018 where spectators can enjoy the lavish three course dinner with sisha. Andrews Sykes UAE Chiller division is ecstatic to be part of the event by providing uninterrupted treated fresh air for the whole duration of the event.


Client was very satisfied and thrilled about our quick response and services extended during hire period.

For mega structure Event, Ramadan Event, Product launching Event, FIFA World Cup please do call us anytime on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental flooded with Luxury Event Jobs

It all started with one call from the government entity and with just a blink of an eye, Andrews Sykes, UAE Chiller Rental is swarmed with enquiries of providing cold fresh air to prestigious events across UAE. Due to the efficiency of our Chiller operations team and the economical solution provided to the said government body, the enquiries were converted to live rental works.

To one of our government entity customer, we have deployed our expert engineer to the site to conduct a survey and came up with the detailed information essential to size the cooling and fresh air requirement.

A high ambient air cooled chiller with multiples of 384kw chiller and multiples of 660kw AHU were dispatched to cool the 12000 cubic meters structure.


Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental designed a temporary internal duct which matched the client’s interior and also standardized the cooling throughout the structure. After commissioning and energizing the AHU client was very satisfied with the cooling performance and expressed his gratitude and admiration to the Chiller Rental team, UAE.

For mega structure, Ramadan, and Product launching Events, please do call us on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental for Plastic Manufacturing Factory

One of the UAE largest polytex producing company contacted Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental to assist during moulding cooling process.

Our Chiller Rental technical crew visited the site and with all the required specifications, our team suggested 100kw Air cooled chiller with special make up tank connected to the heat exchanger of the moulding unit.


Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental solution with an excellent temperature control system which enables precise control of the temperature at which the products are made without causing any degradation to the end product.

Our small foot print eco-friendly chiller rental solution again proved that we can meet client expectation with very economical & innovative way.

For any kind of oil cooling, mould cooling , pre-cast injection cooling, mould injection cooling please do call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to more product information you can also visit our website

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