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Etihad Rail contractors follow up dewatering pump rental with ventilation arrangement

With Stage Two of the UAE’s generational railway network project now well underway, a need to support construction operations with ventilation equipment has led to the involvement of Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

Engineering work has commenced at various locations, including several long and narrow tunnels that will eventually permit freight and passenger trains to pass through.

Naturally, these enclosed applications require a constant circulation of clean, fresh air to ensure those working inside have an adequate source of safe air to breathe.

Machinery utilised within the tunnels will produce fumes and dust, so it is essential that temporary equipment is deployed to prevent engineers suffering any ill effects of their working environment.

For this reason, we have installed our high capacity FV1800 ventilation fans at the tunnel entrance to ensure that a constant supply of clean air is delivered inside.

Although simple in terms of their functionality, these large fans are specifically designed for tight, longitudinal tunnels such as those seen on the Etihad Rail development. A single unit will deliver massive airflows of up to 38,000m³ per hour, making it one of the most powerful ventilation fans available on the market.

At present, there is only a requirement for delivering fresh air but as progress is made and the track begins to take shape, there will be an additional need for fans to be used on extraction mode.

We are delighted with our contribution to one of the regions’ most ambitious infrastructural schemes and have demonstrated both our pumping and HVAC capabilities during our involvement.

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Andrews providing cooling for Dubai campus of UK-based university

With high temperatures and uncomfortable conditions threatening to delay a major construction project in the Middle East, Andrews Sykes moved quickly to devise and implement a climate control rental solution.

The company overseeing the job was concerned about the implications of a potential postponement, prompting them to enquire about how we could assist them. Our sponsors, Khansaheb Civil Engineering, are one of the most established companies in the region and have further enhanced our reputation as industry leaders.

One of our local experts liaised directly with the customer and reassured them that a temporary air conditioning arrangement would sufficiently protect workers by drastically reducing high temperatures on site.

The majority of those working on the project were based in confined spaces underground, meaning there was little ventilation and no cooling relief.

To address this, our team proposed a 300kW chilled water air handling unit which would tackle both the excessive temperature and humidity. The configuration comprised of three 100kW high ambient air-cooled chillers which helped significantly improve conditions.

Prior to our arrival, the temperature was recorded as being 37⁰C, with relative humidity at 70%. Once the equipment was installed, temperatures were maintained at 25⁰C while relative humidity was limited to 55%.

Due to shifts split across 12-hour periods, our equipment was continuously operational – even through the night – with labourers constantly working to ensure the project was completed on time.

The construction manager was greatly appreciative of our efforts, and our kit is routinely supported by engineers revisiting site to ensure our cooling system still performs as expected.

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Andrews helps commission HVAC system inside flagship tugboat

For many years, we have been well-known for our ability to adapt unique solutions for clients across a full range of industries.

Our expertise has allowed us to work on many of the more unusual HVAC and pumping developments, including commissioning the climate control system on board a large tugboat recently built in the UAE.

In this instance, our client specifically sought out the assistance of a trustworthy and reputable HVAC supplier – Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

Initially designed for sea water to condensate the water-cooled chiller, the water’s excessive temperature meant that the condenser would not perform as expected and thus an alternative solution was required.

Instead, our engineering team installed a 100kW air cooled chiller along with a mixing tank to supply colder water to the tugboat. This configuration prevented the chiller from failing as a result of the inlet water being too warm, with the mixing tank tailored to ensure the water temperature was properly maintained.

With the temperature setting and mixing water temperature kept constant, the client was able to test and commission their new HVAC system without any further complications.

The technical knowhow of our engineers was a key component of this job and helped a concerned customer address an issue that could have prevented the tugboat from being utilised.

Following the completion of the project, they gave us a positive testimonial thanking us for the service we provided. A spokesman for the company said: “We would like to thank Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for assisting us with a temporary chilled water system during testing and commissioning of our new tugboat system. We look forward to working with you in the near future at the dry docks and Dubai Maritime city.”

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Air conditioning rental keeps workers cool during tunnel construction

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we are trusted by construction companies across the Middle East to provide bespoke HVAC solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

In August, we were approached by one of the industry’s big names and asked to recommend a high performance air conditioning system to keep workers cool on a tunnel construction development.

The idea was to supply some cooling relief to engineers based at the bottom of the structure, with their constant presence on site essential to ensure that the intended passageway could be formed, and any debris removed.

After attending site to specify a potential solution, our engineers assured the customer that a practical air conditioning rental arrangement could be quickly up and running.

Specifically desiring reliable, modular units, the client remarked that the confidence and knowledge of our experts had been demonstrated on previous dealings and was greatly reassuring to them.

Our ability to provide a full turnkey solution – in addition to overseeing the installation and any potential maintenance – was what convinced the customer to use our services.

Two HPAC45 air conditioning units were subsequently dispatched to site and deployed in an identical fashion on two separate openings, delivering high volumes of comfort cooling to contractors working below ground level.

Popular due to their suitability for a range of multi-purpose schemes, our HPAC45 units are known for their efficiency and aptitude for noticeably reducing temperatures within minutes of operation.

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High capacity cooling arrangement protects workers at iconic Dubai location

For a second successive year, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was entrusted with providing a construction site with temporary cooling on the eye-catching artificially formed cluster of islands at Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

The client approached us last summer looking for a chiller rental solution to keep workers cool, with seasonal temperatures regularly exceeding 50⁰C.

We were tasked with making conditions more comfortable within an underground car park area where site operators were undertaking their daily duties, necessitated by high levels of relative humidity and ambient temperatures constantly in the mid-fifties.

Our customer was looking for equipment to cool multiple condensers which were running to service a designated office area. Having assessed the application and the unique variables involved in this job, our engineers proposed the deployment of a 384kW chiller combined with air handling units and internal ducting to ensure cool air was evenly distributed throughout corridors.

The layout of the building restricted the air circulation in certain areas, prompting us to use ten ventilation fans to ensure cool air was dispersed around identified hot spots.

By taking this step, we were able to reduce temperatures by more than 20⁰C, safeguarding the compressors and eliminating the potential for any breakdowns that could affected the internal cooling configurations already in place.

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides low temperature chiller for process cooling application

For many years, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has enjoyed an excellent reputation for our ability to devise and implement temporary HVAC solutions whenever our customers require.

Our strong standing in the Middle East has enabled us to work with some of the region’s biggest organisations, including the UAE’s largest food processing company.

On that occasion, the client wished to reduce the ambient temperature of their premises down to 5⁰C from 36⁰C and minimise the amount of water vapour present in the air. To achieve this, we designed and supplied a low temperature chiller configuration with a cooling capacity that exceeded 2MW. We also supplied a number of air handling units to ensure even distribution of cold air inside, along with multiple 90kW heat pump units.

For this configuration to operate effectively, dehumidified air of approximately 100,000CMH was required. In order to reduce moisture content in the atmosphere, we first needed to increase the air temperature to 45⁰C. Our design team proposed a system using our reliable air-cooled low temperature chillers with VFD-driven air handling units and state-of-the-art 90kW DX heat pumps.

Our solution was expected to be in constant operation, necessitating the integration of a large glycol water mixture buffer tank to ensure the chiller would not be starved of fluid in the unlikely event of a leak or evaporation. By doing this, we eliminated the need for human intervention as the system was capable of safely operating unattended.

With the client’s peace of mind an ongoing consideration, we arranged for an engineer to conduct routine check-ups to ensure our temporary solution was performing as expected throughout the duration it was on hire.

As such, we are very happy to report that the customer was greatly appreciative of our solution and the professionalism of our site team following the project’s successful completion.

For more information on our specialist cooling, heating or ventilation products, please visit www.andrews-sykes.ae, call us toady on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to [email protected]

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COVID-19: Challenges and Responsibilities

In line with government directives in United Arab Emirates on remote working and social distancing, Andrews Sykes climate rental UAE, have begun working remotely from home as precautionary measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Praising the governments work from home initiative, Andrews Sykes have implemented the work from home directive since March 25, 2020. Andrews Sykes climate rental are responsible for the health, safety and wellness of their employees. About 90-percentage of sales and administration staff are working from their homes, we are still ensuring that emergency and urgent deliveries can be carried out as safely as possible.

Our depots are currently able to provide a service across the whole of the UAE. Inbound calls are being answered promptly and all enquiries are being handled in normal way. We have large stocks of air conditioners, heaters, pumps and dehumidifiers available for hire, along with state of the art package air conditioners and chillers for larger applications.

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioning Rental can provide you with a solution, focused on both controlled cooling/heating & humidity level.

Browse through the variety of climatic control solutions & equipment that Andrews Sykes offer: www.andrews-sykes.ae.

For any kind of air conditioner rental, chiller rental, heater rental, ventilation rental & dehumidifier rental,  please do call Andrews Sykes Climate Rental today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to [email protected].

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Andrews Sykes heat pump for luxury aircraft brand

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental delighted to receive the fourth consecutive year to provide temporary climate control solution for a luxury aircraft model displayed at Maktoum airport. The event exactly coincides with Dubai Air Show and continues through winter season in Dubai.

Client wanted to make sure that the VIP guests and customers who flew across the airport terminal to witness this prototype and to enjoy on board experience. Andrews Sykes supplied high performing air conditioner along with generator to power up the cooling plant and to meet client’s other demands such as to power up the aircraft lighting and other controls.

Andrews Sykes proposed VFD driven high performance 45kW cooling/heat pump model (HPAC45) to make sure the pressure & temperature across the aircraft nozzle is as per manufacturer recommendation. The client was very happy with our HPAC45 due to user friendly control panel where-in speed for electronically controlled evaporator fan motors can be easily managed. The temperature setting can be precisely achieved which assured the indoor environment of aircraft is uniformly temperature controlled all the time. The client is so delighted for the better cooling & power solution provided this term and in return Andrews Sykes holds highest commitment to give comfortable hire solution for the most distinguished guests.

Browse through the variety of climatic control solutions and equipment rentals that Andrews Sykes offer: www.andrews-sykes.ae.

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Emergency cooling for retail giant prior to grand opening

Andrews Sykes climate rental, UAE was recently contacted by Middle East retail giant in Sharjah, seeking the installation of a temporary cooling equipment in order to keep comfort room temperature at the food section area. The food supplier recommended to maintain comfort room temperature to avoid potential issues that lead to food spoilage.

Seeking a solution on a temporary basis, that was chasing the contractors to complete the chilled water chemical flushing procedures prior to their grand opening of new retail store. Expert from Andrews Sykes recommended 3nos of HPAC30 (30kW) mobile cooling package equipment for the temporary climate control at the food section area.  The solution was not only to cool down the food section but also ensured the workers to remain operational in a comfort workspace.

The air conditioner rental served for a duration of four weeks, with the permanent chilled water system successfully commissioned.

If there is anything you are unsure about temporary climate control, chiller rental, dehumidification rental, ventilation rental or you have got a query that has not been properly answered, make sure you speak to our team of experts to get it clarified, Andrews Sykes welcomes you.

To view the complete range of products with Andrews Sykes, please visit our website: https://www.andrews-sykes.ae/

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Tube manufacturing firm requires emergency temporary air conditioning

Less frequent service schedule over long periods of time, chilled water system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – this create chances of it breaking down completely. When a well-known tube manufacturing and re-tubing company in Dubai suffered chiller failure at their Jebel Ali depot, an emergency chiller rental was necessary to keep staff and the machineries to work comfortable on site.

Client admitted, their existing unit was very old and less effective, so the eventual breakdown came as no surprise. Therefore, a quick solution was required to ensure their warehouse cooling facility to get restored. The warehouse space was overheating due to the large machineries and heat loads from small sized ovens.

Andrews Sykes engineer recommended and commission 2nos 50kW chillers and multiple air handlers while taking careful steps to prevent workers and operations from being disturbed. As expected, the client was very happy with our temporary chiller rental package which had operated perfectly while repairs were carried out on the faulty chiller.

Andrews Sykes is pleased to offer clients with emergency shutdown temporary climate control solution. Provides all ranges of temporary cooling requirement 20kW, 30kW, 45kW, 50kW, 90kW, 100kW, 384kW or 700kW units at short notice. Trucks are equipped with HIAB loader, which makes the business easier and a maximum of 9ton per lift makes the cranes perform a variety of demanding tasks with ease. Hence, Andrews Sykes don’t require a crane which can often cause delays to the mobilization and demobilization processes.

For any kind of air conditioner rental, chiller rental, heater rental, ventilation rental & dehumidifier rental, please do call Andrews Sykes Climate Rental today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to [email protected].

For more product information you can also visit our website www.andrews-sykes.ae.

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