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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental- UAE is fully equipped for the coming of Hot Spell

Temperature is slowly picking up across UAE and our range of Chillers, Portable and High Package Air-conditioning Units, evaporative coolers is ready to cater UAE market. Our chiller rental team is busy in preparation for upcoming events across UAE.

Additionally, the team is ready to assist you any time, welcomes an appointment for free site visit and is cable of preparing value engineering solutions which will save client high value of investment for the project. Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental team is upgrading themselves every now and then to optimise the cost and innovative solution.


Our team recently integrated VFD panel to the circulation pump to reduce the load on the chiller and eventually reduces the Electricity / Diesel consumption.

Recently, Chiller rental division of UAE fleeted multiples of 50kw & 100kw Air cooled high efficient chiller to meet the demand across UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to and for more product information you can also visit our website



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Dust Storm Sweeps Across UAE

National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) alerts residents over thick dust clouds that reduced visibility to less than 1300 meters in Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

NCM Said: “The weather will be partly cloudy in general and hazy at times, with moderate winds of 12-26km/h to blow across internal areas”.


Dust storms can contain particulate matter, which can be a serious threat to human health if it accumulates in the respiratory system. Dust particles can lead to respiratory problems, particularly for people with asthma. … Breathing a lot of dust over a long period of time may cause chronic breathing and lung problems.

Fortunately, there is a solution to arrest the dust particles or clear the dust particles from confined space.

We have range of Ventilation fans for hire starting from 1700 m3/h to 16,500 m3/h depends on the application/usage.


We can also offer spoke made filtration system along with Ventilation fan hire for very sensitive areas such as operations theatre, oil & gas fields & Pharmaceutical industries.

For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or We will deliver equipment anywhere, at times convenient to you, and can propose a heater hire arrangement designed to the precise specifications of your site

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Andrews Sykes Chillers for data centre

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is an HVAC rental company and was recently approached by data centre manufacturer to provide most efficient temporary chiller.

The client was not satisfied with the previous provider of direct expansion refrigeration units. The temperature inside the room shoot up rapidly that resulted to overheating of racks. Hence, the client decided to search for a reliable provider to endow with most effective and most efficient solution which led them to get in touch with Andrews Sykes Chiller rental Dubai.


Our service engineer was immediately deployed to the site to conduct inspection and examine the temperature at different intervals against ambient condition. Subsequently, the Chiller rental team arrived to a conclusion of providing them a 384kw air cooled Chiller with bypass option. The cooling was implemented in phases and gradually all the server room FCU’s & AHU’s are connected with temporary chiller.

This solution worked perfectly and all the servers are transferred from DX units to Chilled water system.

The task was completed within the required time underlining our ability to meet client’s objectives. Client was extremely pleased with temporary chiller solution as the room temperature is constant all the time at different ambient conditions.

Should you need our products and services, please contact Andrews Sykes on or call our toll free number on 800 79537. Our experienced sales representatives will be able to help you pick the best unit for your cooling requirement.

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Andrews Sykes Chiller UAE provided cooling for one of the oldest college in Dubai

During the last quarter of year 2017, Chiller rental Dubai have supplied and installed small chiller units, 3 nos. of 50kw Chillers to the renowned oldest college in the city for the expansion. Subsequently, in the first quarter of the current year, the college expansion continues and for this reason, the school management decided to place their new requirement of bigger chiller units to our Chiller rental UAE which is supplied by our Dubai branch. The College is very well-known for providing good quality education in the UAE. Due to this current expansion plan and demand for cooling loads, client has been in contact with our rental chiller division for supplementary cooling.

20180116_091512 20180116_091641

The site has been examined by our professional HVAC engineer and recommended multiples of 700kw Air cooled chiller. The client is very happy about the quick service and professional approach. Our rental chiller is working very effectively by providing comfort cooling for all new expansion facilities.

Andrews Sykes Chiller UAE continues to grow its fleet for air cooled chillers, high efficient package units and portable AC units to widely serve and supply also to construction buildings.

Should you need our products and services, please contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or

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Andrews Sykes Chiller- UAE supplies the longest running cooling rental to one of the World’s largest Airport

The Chiller team is very ecstatic since up to this time, the most complicated chilled water network that required to be connected to all the scanners to maintain constant pressure and temperature has been running for two years!

To reminisce that particular day, it was the beginning of the year 2016 when Andrews Sykes Chiller rental received a phone call to conduct a site visit and propose the most suitable and efficient chilled water network solution that has a built-in pump chiller to suit also their HSE standards. downloadAndrews Chiller continues to grow its fleet for air cooled chillers, high efficient package units and portable AC units to widely serve and supply also to Aviations and Marine sectors.

For more details on our products and services, please do contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or

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Andrews Sykes Cooling assists for Product Launching

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental division received a phone call from the top management of one of the prestigious event companies in UAE to discuss about the temporary cooling for the product launching ceremony of their customer. The event company wanted Andrews Sykes to come up with a centralized and a most elegant looking plant to complement the interior fit out.

Our team of experts from Chiller Rental division visited the site and after accessing the site condition, we have proposed our Eco Friendly Air cooled chiller complete with air handling unit (AHU). The specially designed duct is installed for the main event area for standardized cooling distribution.

IMG-20171025-WA0010 IMG-20171025-WA0009

Thankfully, the event was a success!

Our customer expressed great appreciation to our cooling team for the timely delivery and for the tremendous support extended to them.

Our Andrews Sykes UAE air cooled chiller range, 50kW Chiller, 100kW Chiller, 384kW Chiller and 700kw Chiller, caters from small to big size events with relatively quick and cost effective way. We are extremely happy and excited to be of service for any kind of cooling applications, be it small portable AC or large size chillers.

Should you need our products and services, please contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental-UAE Provided Eco Friendly Chiller to Newly constructed College Block

Andrews Sykes Chiller rental, Dubai received an enquiry from main contractor looking for Eco Friendly chiller with smallest footprint. Our Chiller Dubai team surveyed the site and based on the available power supply, hence Andrews Sykes Fluid Chiller has been recommended for the job.

Client is very keen on refrigerant used for the chiller due to green environment policy by the college HSE management. Since our company policy covers sustainability and green environment products to the customers, both parties’ goal are pulled together.

We offered three of 50kw Air cooled fluid chiller with R134a refrigerant to meet the client’s demand. All the chillers connected to building header line to supply the chilled water to existing AHU’s & FCU’s.

20180108_104831-2 20180108_105930

Client was extremely delighted to see the quality of the performance of Andrews Sykes Chiller. The job was extended for one more month.

This is an additional to our list of ecstatic and satisfied customers.

If you are struck with sudden temperature emergency, and looking for an emergency temporary cooling provider, look no further and contact us on our toll free number, 800 79537, or our email to get in touch with our local experts.

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Happy New Year!!

The whole team from Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, UAE would like to wish everyone a happy & prosperous 2018.

We thank you for all your patronage in 2017 and look forward to building closer relationships in 2018.

New Year 2018

We hope you enjoy the fireworks display and festivities!

If you have any cooling, air conditioning, heating or ventilation requirements in 2018, please do not hesitate to contact Andrews Sykes Climate Rental on (+971) 800 79537 or

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE provided precise cooling for Critical Open Heart Surgery

One of the local government hospitals contacted Andrews Sykes chiller rental division to provide uninterrupted and precise fresh air cooling system for operation theatre.  Since operation theatre is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment, the requirement is to bypass the existing fresh air handling unit with Andrews Sykes Air cooled package unit to provide 100% treated fresh air.

The client target is to achieve between 16 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius inside the main operation theatre. Our cooling specialists were tasked to provide a regular fresh air flow through the existing duct.

20171005_125522 (1)

One of our technical managers surveyed the site and proposed Andrews Sykes High Performance package unit (HPAC90) which is most suitable for the requirement.

The rental was initially for 2 months however our client was extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the temporary high performance package unit, hence the hospital management decided to extend for one more month.

Andrews Sykes can provide internal ducting system, industrial ventilation fan, process cooling chillers, fresh air treatment, return air treatment, warehouse cooling, construction site cooling, and district cooling system.

Should you need our products and services, please contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or

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Andrews Sykes Central Cooling System for Workers’ Comfort

Here is something you have to know before summer ends and keep in mind when again summer strikes in 2018.

Did it ever cross your mind that during summer season with temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius is still possible to tone up the mind and body of workers in a construction area?

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, UAE – “Definitely, YES.” This task is already a run-of-the-mill for our cooling team partnered with our well-equipped HPAC90.

Workers are provided with the mandatory rest time, midday break, to prepare their stamina for the second shift to pull off productivity.  Hence, we have positioned at least four of Andrews Sykes Climate 90kW Package Air Condition units to cool the rest area having a measurement of 2400 square meters which can accommodate 2000 workers. Due to this reliable and seamlessly installed package Air Conditioner units, the workers got pleasure from the adequate fresh air and able to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental is designed to serve any sectors such as Construction, Hospitality, Events, Oil & Gas, Marine, Aviation, Medical facilities, etc. at any where across UAE(Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah and Um Al Quwain).

Alternatively, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides internal ducting system, industrial ventilation rental, chiller rental, dehumidification rental, heater rental,  fresh air treatment, return air treatment, warehouse cooling, construction site cooling and district cooling system.

Should you need our products and services,please contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or continue reading »

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