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Helping a traditional Middle Eastern pastime get the go-ahead during events season

As we approach what promises to be another very busy Ramadan period, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has been busy helping customers with an array of seasonal requirements – including some particularly niche applications!

Shisha bars have long been embedded in Middle Eastern culture, albeit their origins are disputed, with the popularity of such facilities normally peaking during the months of April and May.

Because of this, we are already seeing enquiries from hotels, restaurants and other business proprietors looking to open temporary shisha cafés before the festivities commence.

The law stipulates that proposals must be approved on a case by case basis by the Dubai Municipality’s Public Health and Safety Department.

Additionally, those wishing to provide shisha services from their establishment should obtain a permit from the Civil Defence.

Each tent must obey strict guidelines relating to the ventilation and air conditioning amenities, while all smoking areas must be at least 25 feet away from exits and entrances.

Fortunately, our technicians are very familiar with the stringent conditions shisha bars are expected to operate under, which is why we have been helping customers solve any issues that could potentially contravene the rules.

In fact, our unrivalled ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification rental fleet means we can offer multifaceted solutions that have been specifically designed to suit the unique needs of this environment.

We’ll propose and install the correct size of ventilation fan to exhaust smoke produced inside shisha bars, and this is made easy due to the wide selection of units we stock. Our ventilation fans start at 1700CMH, with maximum capacities of up to 38000CMH available for the larger tents.

Our air conditioning capabilities are similarly impressive, with temporary systems tailored to match the heat load of any tent where cooling is required. From 4kW portable air conditioning units to multi-megawatt chillers that have been manufactured to deliver significant cooling duties, our expansive range of products guarantees that no project will ever be too big for us to handle.

Regular fresh air changes are mandatory in shisha tents, and this often necessitates the use of supplementary equipment to keep interiors free of odours and smoke. For these very specific applications, we generally recommend a combination of high performance variable drive DX units and dedicated dehumidification systems.

Any solution we put forward can also incorporate filtration systems as an additional safety measure, so you really are covered in any scenario.

We understand the challenges associated with trying to ensure your shisha bar ticks all the boxes, which is why we’ve made it easy for our customers to obtain all the equipment you need from a single supplier.

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Air conditioning rental cools guests at popular nightclub

One of the UAE’s most iconic and luxurious bars desperately needed air conditioning to reduce temperatures inside one of their very eye-catching structures, with our client concerned that customers might seek alternative venues unless cooling equipment could be deployed quickly.

Our knowledgeable engineers designed a system that would supply a cold breeze towards guests, despite the obvious challenges created by the fact that the application was predominantly outdoors.

The challenges associated with maintaining a constant temperature at a location affected by being open to the elements are obvious, but we pride ourselves on being able to work within challenging parameters to ensure customer satisfaction.

To combat this, we deployed a series of jet nozzles to deliver high-velocity air conditioning from four HPAC90 units stationed outside the bar itself.

To the customer’s delight, our solution proved extremely effective and provided a vital source of temperature relief in an environment where hot conditions would not be accepted by patrons.

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Luxury hotel requests cooling solution to assist tile laying process

Interior tile installations have very precise temperature requirements, with the thin-set mortar and grouting particularly susceptible to improper conditions. Curing times are greatly affected by extreme temperatures, and this can also damage an adhesive’s properties which in turn may lead to bond failure.

For this reason, a luxury hotel in Dubai recently approached Andrews Sykes Climate Rental prior to laying the tiles inside a number of swimming pools on site.

The hotel has several premium suites – each with their own individual pools – and these were all subject to an intricately designed tiling pattern that necessitated our assistance.

We were informed by the construction team that temperatures inside each pool area would need to be properly controlled for between six to eight weeks, meaning a temporary air conditioning system was required.

To ensure the surfacing was successfully completed, we recommended that each application benefited from a 17kW DX cooling unit in order to circumvent seasonal ambient temperatures of approximately 25⁰C.

Thanks to the solution we provided, our client was able to carry out a potentially complex task with minimal exertion – and ahead of the original deadline.

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United Arab Emirates celebrates Golden Jubilee

The UAE is currently enjoying a four-day public holiday commemorating the country’s historic Golden Jubilee, with National Day on 2 December marking 50 years since the Emirates were founded.

Celebrations will begin with Commemoration Day today, prompting a number of festivities and special events to acknowledge the landmark anniversary.

More than half of UAE residents are expected to take a domestic vacation during this period – the majority of whom have indicated that Dubai will be their destination of choice.

As a result, the public and private sectors have temporarily halted their operations from today. Khansaheb Sykes and Andrews Sykes Climate Rental will be back open for business on Sunday 5 December.

We would like to wish our customers, partners and staff a very happy and relaxing break and hope that you enjoy celebrating the occasion whichever way you choose.

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Temporary chiller installation provides residential building with cooling

A delay in acquiring the glycol-water mixture found in chiller systems prompted the company responsible for a private residential property to seek an alternative cooling arrangement.

Although we’re approaching winter in Dubai, temperatures during the day still regularly touch 30⁰C. As a result, tenants were desperate for a temporary cooling solution to be found as quickly as possible to help overcome the stiflingly warm conditions.

Having turned to us for assistance on previous occasions, our client was confident in our ability to propose a chiller rental that could deliver the required cooling capacities throughout the period in which they were waiting to receive special chiller water.

In the meantime, a tailored cooling rental was proposed comprising of two 682kW high ambient air cooled chillers. The two units in question were lifted onto the building’s roof via crane and then connected to existing pipework, allowing them to be functional a short while after arriving on site.

Further complications necessitated that our equipment was retained for a lot longer than initially anticipated, with the hire extended to three months while the situation played out.

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High-end property developer requires complex climate rental solution

When a challenging job arises, our team is always quick to grab the opportunity to showcase the expertise and know-how that sets us apart from other providers.

Our engineers thrive under the pressure of having to think outside the box and it is these demanding situations that allow us to demonstrate our true capability.

In the summer of 2021, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by an upmarket property development company after they encountered issues with maintaining a comfortable temperature inside one of their luxury show apartments.

Conditions inside were considered completely unsatisfactory and there were fears from our client that the high humidity and excessive warmth could be extremely off-putting to potential buyers.

The apartment was located on the eighth floor of the building but access issues meant that any cooling equipment could not be sited any higher than the fourth floor. Because of this, our engineers were tasked with designing a suitable heat exchanger that would overcome the pressure loss incurred by a long chiller water pipe network.

We proposed two 100kW air cooled chillers along with a plate heat exchanger and buffer tank, before ensuring that our client was receiving sufficient flow through their permanent fan coil units. In doing so, we were able to guarantee that the necessary cooling capacities were uniformly achieved in all rooms.

Despite the obvious complexities, our engineers were able to implement a perfect solution which remains in place on an extended rental contract!

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Andrews provides chiller installation for high-rise town in Downtown Dubai

Given the demands of our industry, the expertise and service capability of Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is routinely put to the test by expectant customers. Time and time again, we deliver.

One of the UAE’s largest civil contractors required our assistance with implementing a small scale district cooling plant, which was needed until a permanent installation could be put in place.

Typically, delays with district cooling systems can cost developers millions of dollars in the latter stages of a project – and that was no different in this case!

The building’s interior, wallpaper, painting, decor and flooring are all reliant upon particular conditions, with low temperatures and good ventilation essential.

Once we were selected as the development’s temporary district cooling provider, it was imperative that we could configure a solution that would deliver a supply of chilled water to the building.

We achieved this by installing two 700kW chillers, coupled with heat exchangers matching a 1,400kW cooling capacity.

The impeccable service of our engineers was greatly appreciated by a well-known customer, whose excellent proposal worked perfectly until Empower’s permanent chilled water system was ready to be connected.

In fact, so efficient and professional was our team, that the client has since expressed an interest in procuring our assistance with a similar project for a multistorey residential project nearby.

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Premium hotel kept cool by chiller and ventilation dual solution

For the last three years, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has provided a well-known luxury hotel in the UAE with temporary cooling and ventilation. This seasonal requirement is an annual project that tends to occur in either July or August, when average temperatures regularly exceed 43°C.

In order to optimise space, our client had converted part of the hotel’s basement into a temporary office and subsequently required assistance with creating a more appealing working environment. Unsurprisingly, conditions beneath ground were even warmer than the outdoor ambient temperature, so a climate control arrangement was desperately needed!

Our local expert visited site to assess the requirement and in doing so, uncovered a number of hot spots. It was decided that a single 380kW chiller would deliver the correct cooling capacity for the intended area, and this was connected to several air handlers to help distribute conditioned air more evenly throughout the application. This was further supported by a series of FV600 and FV900 ventilation fans, which were used to increase airflow and maximise the circulation of cool air.

Thanks to this complex but effective configuration, we were able to dramatically reduce both the temperature and humidity to much more desirable levels. By reacting quickly to spec and install a combination solution in a matter of hours, we were able to maintain our excellent relationship with a valued and longstanding customer.

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Etihad Rail contractors follow up dewatering pump rental with ventilation arrangement

With Stage Two of the UAE’s generational railway network project now well underway, a need to support construction operations with ventilation equipment has led to the involvement of Andrews Sykes Climate Rental.

Engineering work has commenced at various locations, including several long and narrow tunnels that will eventually permit freight and passenger trains to pass through.

Naturally, these enclosed applications require a constant circulation of clean, fresh air to ensure those working inside have an adequate source of safe air to breathe.

Machinery utilised within the tunnels will produce fumes and dust, so it is essential that temporary equipment is deployed to prevent engineers suffering any ill effects of their working environment.

For this reason, we have installed our high capacity FV1800 ventilation fans at the tunnel entrance to ensure that a constant supply of clean air is delivered inside.

Although simple in terms of their functionality, these large fans are specifically designed for tight, longitudinal tunnels such as those seen on the Etihad Rail development. A single unit will deliver massive airflows of up to 38,000m³ per hour, making it one of the most powerful ventilation fans available on the market.

At present, there is only a requirement for delivering fresh air but as progress is made and the track begins to take shape, there will be an additional need for fans to be used on extraction mode.

We are delighted with our contribution to one of the regions’ most ambitious infrastructural schemes and have demonstrated both our pumping and HVAC capabilities during our involvement.

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Andrews providing cooling for Dubai campus of UK-based university

With high temperatures and uncomfortable conditions threatening to delay a major construction project in the Middle East, Andrews Sykes moved quickly to devise and implement a climate control rental solution.

The company overseeing the job was concerned about the implications of a potential postponement, prompting them to enquire about how we could assist them. Our sponsors, Khansaheb Civil Engineering, are one of the most established companies in the region and have further enhanced our reputation as industry leaders.

One of our local experts liaised directly with the customer and reassured them that a temporary air conditioning arrangement would sufficiently protect workers by drastically reducing high temperatures on site.

The majority of those working on the project were based in confined spaces underground, meaning there was little ventilation and no cooling relief.

To address this, our team proposed a 300kW chilled water air handling unit which would tackle both the excessive temperature and humidity. The configuration comprised of three 100kW high ambient air-cooled chillers which helped significantly improve conditions.

Prior to our arrival, the temperature was recorded as being 37⁰C, with relative humidity at 70%. Once the equipment was installed, temperatures were maintained at 25⁰C while relative humidity was limited to 55%.

Due to shifts split across 12-hour periods, our equipment was continuously operational – even through the night – with labourers constantly working to ensure the project was completed on time.

The construction manager was greatly appreciative of our efforts, and our kit is routinely supported by engineers revisiting site to ensure our cooling system still performs as expected.

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