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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental for Plastic Manufacturing Factory

One of the UAE largest polytex producing company contacted Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental to assist during moulding cooling process.

Our Chiller Rental technical crew visited the site and with all the required specifications, our team suggested 100kw Air cooled chiller with special make up tank connected to the heat exchanger of the moulding unit.


Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental solution with an excellent temperature control system which enables precise control of the temperature at which the products are made without causing any degradation to the end product.

Our small foot print eco-friendly chiller rental solution again proved that we can meet client expectation with very economical & innovative way.

For any kind of oil cooling, mould cooling , pre-cast injection cooling, mould injection cooling please do call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes High performance unit for Aircraft Model launch.

It was bright shiny Monday morning when our Chiller rental department received a call from one of the airport authorities to share wonderful news about the new luxury aircraft model.

The client wanted to make sure that the VVIP guests and customers who flew across the country to witness this phenomenon and to enjoy on flight experience. We offered our high ambient VFD driven package unit to meet the client’s expectation.

Andrews Sykes HPAC90 was supplied along with the generator to power up the AC plant and other client’s demands such as to power up the aircraft lighting and other controls.

The event was a huge success and Airport authorities welcomed more crowd than they have anticipated. They were extremely pleased with our cooling & power hire solutions. Hence our AC and Chiller rental team received great admiration for their best service & support rendered.

The Air Conditioner and the Chiller rental division once again achieved another reputable customer to include in the extensive list of satisfied and delighted customers, and we anticipate to conquer more.


For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes HVAC Hire for Upcoming Ramadan

Soon, Muslims across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan. It is common knowledge that the month involves fasting, and ends with a celebration called Eid. But it is actually about much more than that- the Islamic month is also about charity, reflections and resolutions.

By going without food or water, Ramadan gives Muslims an insight into how it feels to be less fortunate, giving them a time to reflect and show their gratitude to Allah.

Andrews Sykes HVAC Hire for Upcoming Ramdan.

Products Offered

In this auspicious month of Ramadan starts, may the crescent-shaped moon brightens up your path towards enlightenment and may Allah blesses you with peace and grace. Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Dubai Wishes you a Happy holy month.

For expert advice, please do call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or email your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes Chiller for soap and detergent manufacturing company

The Chiller rental Sharjah team was called out by one of the largest soap detergent production companies for the process cooling as their production rate is decreasing due to the high temperature or heat generated by the friction between the soap and the rolls/screws.

Our team worked on the design and proposal of a suitable chiller that would provide a constant cooling for the soap roll and soap plodders to avoid damages on the product.



We did propose multiples of 100kw air cooled high ambient chiller to match the client specifications. In view of the fact that both the customer and our company worked within the HSE policy and procedures, our eco-friendly chiller received right away the approval from the customer’s HSE team and it was commissioned without delay.

Our chiller hire package worked perfectly and guaranteed constant chilled water was supplied to the production line thus increasing client’s supply rate across GCC within the estimated time frame.

The Chiller unit once again proved its efficiency to assist the customer to improve the company’s bottom line.

For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to and for further product information you can also visit our website

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Andrews Sykes Chiller for Special dry suit for Diving inside the sewage plant.

Andrews Sykes Chiller UAE received a call from one of the biggest sewage treatment plants for a very unique application. The client was looking for the smallest foot print chiller with built in pump facility to supply chilled water to a specially designed diving suit.

The chiller rental department surveyed the site and obtained all the required parameters from the client to design the suitable chiller.

2 hazardous-material-divingWe have supplied the customer with our 50kw Air cooled high ambient chiller which matched perfectly with the client requirement. The engineering team mobilized and installed the chiller with special fittings to couple of special dry suit. The fresh with high temperature municipality water cooled down to the client’s required temperature and then this was supplied to the special suit.

wastewater-treatment-plant-inspection 2

Due to the successful result of the application, the chiller team were very thrilled and honoured to be a part of this very rare project. As foreseen, the client was very pleased with the performance of our team and as an outcome, the short term hire extended to couple of months.

For any size of chiller requirements for process cooling or comfort cooling please do call us today thru (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to For more product information you can also visit our website,

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental Dubai supports a logistics company to safeguard its diverse customers’ goods

Mid in 2016, we have received a call from a logistics service company which provides cold chain services to wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Our Chiller rental team was requested to assist in maintaining a desire low-temperature range in their Dubai storage facility. This was required to extend and preserve the shelf life of commodities waiting to be transported to different parts of UAE and GCC countries.

Our cooling expert was deployed without delay to conduct a site visit. After a thorough study of the site, he decided to provide one 384kw Chiller and one 300kw Air handler. The chiller was placed outside the storage facility whereas the air handler was inside for proper distribution of cool air to the areas at risk.

Warehouse 2

Since our client was extremely satisfied with the performance of our Andrews Sykes Chiller and Air Handler during the first two months of chiller rental, the supposed short-term chiller hire resulted to a long-term chiller rental which until now is still on hire.

Andrews Sykes offers a huge range of climate rental unit to achieve a fresh and air-conditioned air along with fans and evaporative coolers for an application that does not have extreme temperatures.

For your immediate cooling requirements, you may contact us on or call our toll free number on 800 79537. Our experienced sales representatives will be able to help you pick the best unit for your cooling requirement.

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Andrews Sykes Provided Temporary Cooling for High-end Event.

One of the distinguished property development and management companies searched for a state of the art exhibition pavilion to promote their multibillion project in Dubai.

The project was assigned to one of the local event organizers who contacted then Andrews Sykes Chiller rental division to design a very unique and elegant ducting system to match their exhibition interior.


The pavilion captivated huge spectators and by-passers and flooded the developer with enquiries. For this reason, the Chiller Rental Dubai team’s design was acknowledged with a high regard by the client.

It is once again proven that the quote “First impressions last” is factual as our Chiller Rental UAE has created a remarkable impression not only to the end-user but also to all the guests of this high-end event.

For expert advice, please feel free to call on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental- UAE is fully equipped for the coming of Hot Spell

Temperature is slowly picking up across UAE and our range of Chillers, Portable and High Package Air-conditioning Units, evaporative coolers is ready to cater UAE market. Our chiller rental team is busy in preparation for upcoming events across UAE.

Additionally, the team is ready to assist you any time, welcomes an appointment for free site visit and is cable of preparing value engineering solutions which will save client high value of investment for the project. Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental team is upgrading themselves every now and then to optimise the cost and innovative solution.


Our team recently integrated VFD panel to the circulation pump to reduce the load on the chiller and eventually reduces the Electricity / Diesel consumption.

Recently, Chiller rental division of UAE fleeted multiples of 50kw & 100kw Air cooled high efficient chiller to meet the demand across UAE, Oman, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.

For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or send your enquiry to and for more product information you can also visit our website



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Dust Storm Sweeps Across UAE

National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) alerts residents over thick dust clouds that reduced visibility to less than 1300 meters in Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

NCM Said: “The weather will be partly cloudy in general and hazy at times, with moderate winds of 12-26km/h to blow across internal areas”.


Dust storms can contain particulate matter, which can be a serious threat to human health if it accumulates in the respiratory system. Dust particles can lead to respiratory problems, particularly for people with asthma. … Breathing a lot of dust over a long period of time may cause chronic breathing and lung problems.

Fortunately, there is a solution to arrest the dust particles or clear the dust particles from confined space.

We have range of Ventilation fans for hire starting from 1700 m3/h to 16,500 m3/h depends on the application/usage.


We can also offer spoke made filtration system along with Ventilation fan hire for very sensitive areas such as operations theatre, oil & gas fields & Pharmaceutical industries.

For expert advice, call us today on (+971) 800 79537 or We will deliver equipment anywhere, at times convenient to you, and can propose a heater hire arrangement designed to the precise specifications of your site

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Andrews Sykes Chillers for data centre

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is an HVAC rental company and was recently approached by data centre manufacturer to provide most efficient temporary chiller.

The client was not satisfied with the previous provider of direct expansion refrigeration units. The temperature inside the room shoot up rapidly that resulted to overheating of racks. Hence, the client decided to search for a reliable provider to endow with most effective and most efficient solution which led them to get in touch with Andrews Sykes Chiller rental Dubai.


Our service engineer was immediately deployed to the site to conduct inspection and examine the temperature at different intervals against ambient condition. Subsequently, the Chiller rental team arrived to a conclusion of providing them a 384kw air cooled Chiller with bypass option. The cooling was implemented in phases and gradually all the server room FCU’s & AHU’s are connected with temporary chiller.

This solution worked perfectly and all the servers are transferred from DX units to Chilled water system.

The task was completed within the required time underlining our ability to meet client’s objectives. Client was extremely pleased with temporary chiller solution as the room temperature is constant all the time at different ambient conditions.

Should you need our products and services, please contact Andrews Sykes on or call our toll free number on 800 79537. Our experienced sales representatives will be able to help you pick the best unit for your cooling requirement.

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