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Stay chill this Ramadan with Andrews Sykes Climate Rental

Stay chill this Ramadan with Andrews Sykes Climate Rental

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, we understand the significance of creating a comfortable and conducive environment for your activities and gatherings. At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we are committed to ensuring that you and your community stay cool and comfortable throughout Ramadan and the increasing temperatures as the summer months draw closer in

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Taking the pressure off clients with our tank drying expertise!

Taking the pressure off clients with our tank drying expertise!

Tank drying is a critical process in many industries, particularly in the manufacturing and storage of chemicals, petroleum products, and other liquids. This process involves the removal of moisture or other residual fluids from the inside of tanks, pipelines, or other containers before they are filled or used for storage. The temperature at which tank

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental expands dehumidifier rental fleet

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental expands dehumidifier rental fleet

We are excited to introduce one of the industry’s most economical dehumidification units – now available for rent. The product combines impressive drying capacities with minimal power consumption and has been designed for use on projects where low dew point temperatures exist. Despite being a high performance drying solution, this unit uses just 10kW of

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About Andrews Sykes

Chiller Rental

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers an expert solution to all your climate problems. We provide you with cost effective and efficient chiller rental solutions across the UAE and GCC markets. Our local and foreign expertise & knowledge stand us apart from other chiller suppliers and vendors. Our team of experts work with you to decide the best solution for your requirement, matching to your needs.

With our specialist rental solutions we are able to serve diverse sectors including construction, facilities management, IT & telecom, hospitality and events, retail, corporate offices and many more across the MENA region. Our comprehensive range of equipment have been tried and tested to be fully reliable and functional to serve you in any type of environment with ease.

Our HVAC experts provide you with a free site survey to analyze your needs and deliver you with the most suitable options at the earliest time. With over 50 years of operational expertise, our engineers are specialists in assessing each area/environment and advise the best solution from our range of chillers and air handling units.

Whether you want to cool down a single room or multiple offices, large halls or marquee tents, keep employees and workers at ease or keep critical environments such as server rooms at the right temperatures, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental can provide you with quick and reliable cooling throughout the UAE and GCC countries.

While living in the Middle East, we experience the most tropical and humid temperature for majority of the year, we ensure that our chillers and AC units leave you comfortable and relaxing in any environment, while the weather outside soars above 50degrees!

We have the largest fleet of chillers and AC’s, available throughout our depots in Sharjah, Dubai & Abu Dhabi in the UAE, and through our agents in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait. With just a single phone call to 00971 800 79537 you can connect with us and one of our sales engineers will assist your enquiry. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental are apt in supplying complete package of chiller and AC rental including installation, periodic maintenances, technical assistance, safety class, commissioning et al.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental- Expert Service and Peace of mind, when you need it!

Here in Dubai

As Dubai experiences a tropical humid and hot climate throughout the year, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental have been prominent and recognized for our contribution towards the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry here. Our efforts have been towards providing an optimum air temperature, with controlled humidity and air quality throughout the year including the extreme hot summer months experienced during the period of May-August!

Our local presence here in Dubai, has gained us necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver you customized and thoughtful packages which will cater even in the harshest of the climate experienced in the emirates.

Apart from our office in Dubai, we have depots to serve you in the Emirate of Sharjah and in the National Capital Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where we are dedicated to serve our clients and meet and exceed your expectations for portable ac units and chiller rentals with an array of high quality and reliable equipment to offer at the most competitive pricing.

Dubai being a growth icon in terms of infrastructure and facilities, there is a tremendous need of efficient and effective climate control in every sector and every industry, which Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is capable to provide. Whether in emergencies or a planned support, we are ready to cater to your requirements at ease irrespective of the varying temperatures experienced here.

For more information about our locations and activities in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, call us now on our toll free: +971 800 79537

Our Services

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers you with one of the largest range of portable air conditioners and chillers available for rental in the UAE and GCC market. We offer you a complete bespoke solution, which is carefully customized as per your requirement and keeping your environment in mind. Our local experts can come down anywhere in the UAE to provide you with a free site survey to analyze the problem and give you a planned assistance.

Our professional service includes design, installation, safety class, commissioning, periodic maintenance, technical assistance, and service assistance to give you a stress free and comfortable atmosphere wherever and whenever needed.

Our depots are located in major areas of Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to get in touch with you at the earliest. Our agents in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman are well equipped with portable air conditioners and chiller units to support your demands at any given time.

Our local and international experts are ready to take your call today to provide you with instant portable air conditioner and chiller rental units, giving you enhanced turnkey solutions to any of your climate related queries. Call us now on 00971 800 79537 for the best solution and peace of mind.

Our Range

Portable Air Conditioner Rental
Our range of highly reliable and efficient portable air conditioner units is sure to keep you cool in the hottest of the temperatures. Our fleet of ac units are designed for your diverse applications whether robust or stylish, we aim to enhance your productivity.

Chiller Rental
We offer a huge fleet of chillers available for rent in the UAE and GCC. Whether planned or emergencies, we cater to your needs with utmost dedication and 24/7 assistance. Our chillers are there to support your emergency breakdowns and maintenances.

Ventilation Rental
Andrews Sykes Climate Rental understands the need for air circulation and fresh air in your environment. We have different type of ventilators available for rent such as industrial fans, cooling fans, mist fans etc.

Boiler Rental
We offer temporary and portable boilers for rent which can be used in various industries. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental’s boilers are designed for heating and hot water application, ranging from 10KW to multi mega-watt packages, depending upon your environment.

Heater Sales
We provide an array of heaters such as portable, electric, gas and oil, direct and indirect heaters for all applications.

Khansaheb Sykes Pumps
Established in the UAE and GCC for over 50 years, Khansaheb Sykes has evolved itself into a market leader as a dewatering sub-contractor and pump hire specialist. The parent company, Sykes Pumps is renowned to be a worldwide industry leader in pump hire for over 150 years. Contact Khansaheb Sykes for the best dewatering and pump hire services.

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