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  • Diverse range of Air Handlers for all applications.

We design our Air Handlers and Fan Coils uniquely, where every unit has a three way valve, thermostat and an air filtration system. They are designed with precise specifications which meet the requirements of the HVAC industry. These units, which can be run on chilled or hot water are an optimal solution for provision of a complete temperature control solution to the client. Fan coils can be installed in the area where cooling is required, or, if space is limited, they can be placed outside and cool air is spread by necessary duct system. Whenever the client requires ducted air, we provide with a wide range of ducting which is available in various sizes and qualities. Our comprehensive range will ensure that you are provided with the right equipment and services for each of your cooling or heating requirements.

Prior to delivery and installation of any equipment to the client, we ensure that our units are clean and safe to use. For the most cost-effective packaged cooling and chilling systems you can depend on, call us on [00971] 800 79537 to get in touch with our experts or make an enquiry.