Split Type Air Conditioners

Easy Installation, Easy Maintenance, Quiet Operation, Cost Effective, Simple Controls, Stylish and Attractive- Need we say more? Andrews Sykes Spit Air Conditioners will surely make you comfortable in the warmest of temperatures. We provide you with two types of split air conditioning units- refrigerant and water. Our HVAC professionals will ensure you are delivered the best units suited to your needs.

  • We are price competitive.
  • Give a really fast and friendly service.
  • Offer a Genuine 24/7 365 day a year service.
  • We have depots nationwide.
  • We have the largest range of air conditioners in the country.

Split air conditioner units offered by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental are designed to be stylish yet powerful! They complement to your modern environments whilst providing a cool and refreshing ambience to your area. They are fully mobile units, which can be kept in any part of your room and faced in the direction where cooling is needed the most. The AC units can be easily installed by our expert team and are easy to operate. They are most suitable to medium to small areas such as office rooms, server rooms, schools, residential apartments, villas etc.

These AC units are suitable to provide adequate cooling in the Middle Eastern hot and humid temperatures throughout the year. Our experts provide you with on-site maintenance and repairs whenever necessary, and comprehend necessary backup plans (if required). With an investment in Andrews Sykes Climate Rental’s rental units, you may relax and leave your cooling problems on us!

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