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Businesses are run around the essential computer & server rooms which are very common these days in every office due to the ever increasing reliance on the I.T equipment. It is necessary to ensure that correct temperatures are maintained, as when computer rooms and server rooms become too hot it would lead to a major losses for the business, also leading to a halt in the day to day activities of the business. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offers friendly, reliable and ideal cooling equipment to keep your computer and server rooms in a controlled temperature environment.

Whether your server rooms have been affected by sudden increase in temperatures or whether your cooling system needs to go under maintenance, we ensure your working environment doesn’t come to a halt due to any IT heating issues.

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we make sure all services provided to you are well planned and implemented. When you approach us with an inquiry, through call or by email, we get you in touch with our HVAC sales engineers, who are well dedicated to your requirements. With approximately half a century of operational expertise in dealing with air conditioner rentals, we have the potential to support you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We have worked with many IT experts, and understand the importance of the vital IT equipment in your day to day work life. With our expertise and knowledge, we give to you a complete packaged solution to keep your server rooms in a controlled temperature.

Our engineers provide you with on-site servicing and technical assistance, leaving you stress free and focused on your businesses. Whether you need to cool down a small server room or a large one, our portable AC units range from as low as 14kW and going as high as 90kW high performance packaged air conditioner units.

  • 30 Locations

    Locations Throughout The Middle East

    Service centres and agents across the Middle East with over 150 dedicated employees.

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    24 Hour Service

    Andrews Sykes Climate Rental guarantee you quality equipment and service by fully trained and experienced engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

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    Free Site Survey

    Free, no obligation, site surveys and quotations.

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    Price Competitive

    We provide a price competitive, sales and support service for our extensive range of products.

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