Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE supplied emergency cooling to a high profile Tobacco Company

A high profile tobacco processing company located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, contacted Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire in search of emergency cooling requirement.

During the expert’s site visit it was found that the factory temperatures were reaching above 37 degrees in some areas, the existing chiller which could not cope with the high ambient condition resulted to circuit failure. After thorough assessment(client lacking spare electrical power and does not want to invest more on generator and diesel), it was decided that one 100kW chiller with same capacity air handling unit would provide the necessary amount of cooling to gradually cool down the space. The proposed was quickly installed by our experts and made sure the temperature dropped in 24hr time. read more

Seawater Flooding Leaves Villa Owners Shocked, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to the Rescue!

Recently some parts around the Jumeirah Village in Dubai were severely affected by increased level of sea water which left villas and other residential buildings vastly affected with the dampness.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by one such Villa owner for assistance with the drying of his property. The ground floor was hugely affected with wooden furniture, fixings, doors and windows being dampened and water damaged.

The walls and furnishings if not dried at the earliest would cause further damage. All emergency pumping solutions were carried out by pumping out the water which had entered and only the drying job remained to be done. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental AC units Save the Day!

A sudden break down of the central air conditioning system in an office in Sharjah had left all production and routine activities at halt. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was called on urgent basis in the early hours of Sunday.

Our engineers rushed to the site to check inside office temperatures which were measuring up to 35 degrees Celsius. A quick solution comprising of seven units of the AS 14 Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners and three units of the PAC 22 Split Type AC units was advised.

Office Temperature- AC Rental

The installation happened within less than two hours which ensured the routine activities to restart very quickly and the management began to schedule their daily tasks in a short while. The client was impressed with the quick response and the instant delivery and installation. The expected hire duration lasts for about a week or up until the main central air conditioning system is repaired and in proper working condition. read more