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Helping a traditional Middle Eastern pastime get the go-ahead during events season

As we approach what promises to be another very busy Ramadan period, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has been busy helping customers with an array of seasonal requirements – including some particularly niche applications! Shisha bars have long been embedded in Middle Eastern culture, albeit their origins are disputed, with the popularity of such facilities normally [...]

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Air conditioning rental cools guests at popular nightclub

One of the UAE’s most iconic and luxurious bars desperately needed air conditioning to reduce temperatures inside one of their very eye-catching structures, with our client concerned that customers might seek alternative venues unless cooling equipment could be deployed quickly. Our knowledgeable engineers designed a system that would supply a cold breeze towards guests, despite [...]

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Temporary Cooling for High-Class Event in Dubai

Another great achievement by Andrews Sykes UAE. Andrews Sykes air conditioner rental received a call from one of the airport authorities to share wonderful news about the launch of new luxury private aircraft model. The idea of the authorities was to create a prototype aircraft design, in which the visiting customers will receive the exact [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides high performance temporary air conditioner for floating 5-star hotel in Dubai

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within hotel environments, including restaurants, large and small kitchens, lounge, sports halls and even for special events and occasions. One of the world-famous cruise liner, which has a history spanning 5 decades, is now docked permanently [...]

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Andrews Sykes High-performance Packaged AC Unit during the Royal Event

Just like every other events that need planning, something can go wrong regardless of how meticulous you are as an event planner. The task for an event planner is to make sure everything runs smoothly, from the preparation phase to the end of the event. The planner probably done their best to avoid mistakes, but [...]

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Andrews Sykes HVAC Hire for Upcoming Ramadan

Soon, Muslims across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan. It is common knowledge that the month involves fasting, and ends with a celebration called Eid. But it is actually about much more than that- the Islamic month is also about charity, reflections and resolutions. By going without food or water, [...]

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Andrews Sykes Cooling assists for Product Launching

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental division received a phone call from the top management of one of the prestigious event companies in UAE to discuss about the temporary cooling for the product launching ceremony of their customer. The event company wanted Andrews Sykes to come up with a centralized and a most elegant looking plant to [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provided Central Cooling System for Art & Culinary Exhibition

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental UAE has another successful story to share. One of its large warehouses is converted into Art and Culinary exhibition venue where numerous renowned GCC artists and chefs were invited to exhibit and demonstrate their expertise. With scorching summer where temperature inside the warehouse reached as high as 40 degrees Celsius, [...]

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Andrews Sykes Successful Completion of Arabic Seminar at one of the breath taking view in Emirates.

Recently, Andrew Sykes Chiller rental division completed one of the most luxurious and spiritual seminars at the heart of Sharjah. Since the seminar was at the middle of the summer reaching ambient temperature during night average (39⁰C with 60 to 70% RH), our dependable and diligent team had designed and installed an internal ductsox system [...]

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Andrews Sykes provide outdoor cooling for Music Festival

Evaporative coolers and cooling fans are becoming very popular for outdoor events. We recently provided EV36 & ASF950 to a Music Festival to keep the punters cool during warm evenings. This ensured they would enjoy the entertainment feeling cool and fresh. Evaporative coolers can reduce the off-fan temperature by 7-10 degree Celsius during low humidity [...]

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