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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for the Protection of Instruments

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental had a chance to help out the musicians who were performing at an event in Abu Dhabi, UAE. During the practice sessions, the musicians realized that due to low humidity and cold temperatures, the stringed instruments were being affected.

Stringed instruments are made out of wood, which attracts and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. When moisture is absorbed, it tends to swell, and when it releases moisture into dry and cold air, it tends to shrink. Both situations can be harmful to the instrument as the music notes are disturbed due to these changes. read more

HVAC Installation by the Andrews Sykes Experts!

HVAC, or known as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems can be really complex. If there is any improper installation the complete air flow gets affected!!! Andrews Sykes Climate Rental ensures that every installation of their HVAC units are done properly with the usage of best components and skilled manpower to give out the finest results once the installation is complete.

The ducting system of an installation is of key importance. It carries the cooled or heated air throughout the area where cooling or heating is required. Our expert team makes it sure that all ducts are airtight to prevent any leakages which is very crucial. In addition to making the ducts airtight, the support for holding the ducts is also done in an organized way to keep the duct system in line. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental welcomes a new set of Air Handling Units

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, it is not new to see its fast additions and updating of its products to keep up with the efficient pace of its services. Andrews Sykes’s team firmly believes in continuous updating of all their chillers, air conditioners, ventilators, air handlers, dehumidifiers, heaters and boilers for them to deliver the best of the services to its clients.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has recently added 6 new Air Handling Units to their fleet.  With the latest addition of these air handlers, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental believes it will lead to the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly air circulation, which matches the clients comfort more effectively and quietly (Who would want to hire a highly noisy air conditioner/chiller/heater?) read more

Discreet portable AC Rental in Dubai

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, the Middle East’s specialized HVAC and Chiller Rental Company has had a very positive response to the launch of its new Chiller Rental and Air-conditioning Hire business this Summer.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has introduced specialised rental AC units for multiple Sectors including Facilities Management, Resorts and Leisure, Manufacturing, and Events Management.

After receiving a call from a premium hotel chain in need of additional cooling in their new sports training facilities Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was recently able to offer a discreet but effective cooling solution with minimal disruption to the hotel guests. read more

Temporary district cooling rental for premium Beach club in Dubai JBR Marina

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental specialise in rental of Chillers and Air Handling units as well as Air-conditioning units for hire. We supply into multiple applications and sectors including cooling for premium hotels and a network of buildings.

When an ‘Exclusive Beach Club’ contacted us for essential short term cooling we were only too happy to assist in designing a temporary cooling solution.

Located on the JBR Walk in Dubai Marina, this exclusive client requested a reliable high quality chiller rental solution to provide a consistent chilled water supply into the facility during essential fit out stages. The interiors and furnishings had to be maintained at optimal conditions to ensure no damage occurred. read more

Portable Cooling solutions for Events in UAE and Middle East

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental offer a wide range of chillers and air handling units for rental as well portable air conditioning units for hire into Middle Eastern Events and Conference sectors.

These clients require a rapid and professional installation solution and Andrews Sykes Climate rental offers this essential combination.

When approached by a newly opened Exclusive Beach club on the JBR Walk in Dubai Marina, this client requested a reliable event cooling solution for the hot season to ensure there exclusive client base stayed cool and comfortable during their stay. read more