Air conditioning rental

Tube manufacturing firm requires emergency temporary air conditioning

Less frequent service schedule over long periods of time, chilled water system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – this create chances of it breaking down completely. When a well-known tube manufacturing and re-tubing company in Dubai suffered chiller failure at their Jebel Ali depot, an emergency chiller rental was necessary to keep staff and the machineries to work comfortable on site.

Client admitted, their existing unit was very old and less effective, so the eventual breakdown came as no surprise. Therefore, a quick solution was required to ensure their warehouse cooling facility to get restored. The warehouse space was overheating due to the large machineries and heat loads from small sized ovens. read more

Are you ready for winter? Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Middle East offer a Solution focused on Chiller Maintenance for your Existing Building.

Routine maintenance is an essential part of maximising performance & efficiency from your HVAC equipment. This includes the smallest split system air conditioner to the large multi-chiller plant. A preventive maintenance plan should be carried out each year. With reduced temperatures during the winter months there is no better time to act! Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental offers a carefully managed solution to ensure there are no variations in comfort or ambient temperatures during this major chiller overhaul. Yes, we provide you the temporary chiller during winter 2018-2019 while you carry out the preventive maintenance on your existing chiller. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Emergency Cooling for Leading Facilities Management Company in AbuDhabi

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental were contacted by one of Abu Dhabi’s leading facilities management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for their large laundry facility. The project appeared following the breakdown of their permanent chilled water system, which happened during the peak summer and triggered provision to the replacement of faulty chiller.Advanced Laundry

An expert from Andrews Sykes conducted survey and proposed to install two 682kW air cooled chiller along with one VFD driven 660kW air handler and multiple 100kW portable air handler units. Hire team reacted to the emergency fast and provided the proposed chiller within hours of being called. Andrews Sykes also provided a team of expert engineer and technicians, to ensure uninterrupted cooling and reduce the temperature for the entire facility to a comfort zone. read more

High Performance and lesser maintenance, Packaged AC Unit-HPAC90

Under very high temperature and harsh dusty climatic conditions, Andrews Sykes provides high performance & lesser maintenance air conditioners, which is optimal for the cooling solutions in the Middle East.


Andrews Sykes have wide range of packaged climate control products for the hot summer in the Middle East. During temperature of 43oC and at an average humidity of 78% Andrews Sykes high performance package units meet the client specifications and requirements. All credit goes to the technical team who always give above par dedication towards Andrews Sykes Climate Rental. read more

Andrews Sykes High-performance Packaged AC Unit during the Royal Event

Just like every other events that need planning, something can go wrong regardless of how meticulous you are as an event planner. The task for an event planner is to make sure everything runs smoothly, from the preparation phase to the end of the event. The planner probably done their best to avoid mistakes, but it does not hurt to get ready for sudden changes.

02.07.2018 HPAC90

Andrews Sykes Climate Rentals were asked to offer portable units of 5RT x 5nos during a day event that happened the first week of June (the month mentioned is the severity of summer heat). After the Engineers’visit at site it was found that the cooling load for 3000m3 dome structured arena with only tarpaulin wall and roof was not considered by the event planner. Andrews Sykes swiftly provided solution of 25RT x 3nos high performing package units. The entire crew members of event team were overjoyed with the solution that provided by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, Dubai, as it was a prestigious event were many of the Royal members of UAE cabinet were present. read more

Emergency office cooling provided by Andrews Sykes for skyscraper

One morning we received an emergency breakdown call from a Client in a high rise skyscraper to inform us that the AC for the entire tower had shutdown. They had more than 100 people on a full level of the building and needed an urgent solution. Andrews Sykes immediately dispatched a sales engineer to conduct a site survey. Within 2 hours we had dispatched the equipment and the Client had cooling before the extreme heat during the middle of the day.

The temporary solution included AS14 tube exhaust AC units. The units were distributed around the office to provide good cooling & air distribution. We also provided AC units for the server room to ensure that the servers could continue to run as they were critical in were used for offices in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. read more

New 9.5TR Loader Crane & Truck joins our fleet!

Andrews Sykes is always looking for ways to improve our customer service and satisfaction. After consulting with our clients, we learnt that one of the most important requirements is speed during emergency breakdowns or equipment failure. With this in mind, we added the new 9.5TR Crane & Truck (commonly also referred to as a HIAB truck).

Our new loader crane & truck allows us to load large equipment such as 100TR chillers units, 25TR Package AC units, dehumidifiers, industrial ventilation fans and generators without having to use an additional crane. This helps us provide a more cost effective solution while improving speed of delivery for our customers. read more

Soaring summer temperatures are fast approaching

Winter is over and temperatures are gradually increasing – are you prepared for summer?

Ramadan will fall in summer this year. Have you thought about cooling your Majlis tent?

Many hotels & schools will be preparing the internal fit out during summer. Have you considered wild air to ensure the integrity of your materials?

Many shutdowns are planned for factories and manufacturing facilities. Have you arranged a temporary chiller during the shutdown?


If you answered no to any of the above questions, then we highly recommend you contact Andrews Sykes on or (+971) 800 79537 and request a free site survey by one of our experienced sales specialists. They will be able to assist by providing the most efficient and cost effective solution. read more