Chiller Rentals

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Emergency Cooling for Leading Facilities Management Company in AbuDhabi

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental were contacted by one of Abu Dhabi’s leading facilities management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for their large laundry facility. The project appeared following the breakdown of their permanent chilled water system, which happened during the peak summer and triggered provision to the replacement of faulty chiller.Advanced Laundry

An expert from Andrews Sykes conducted survey and proposed to install two 682kW air cooled chiller along with one VFD driven 660kW air handler and multiple 100kW portable air handler units. Hire team reacted to the emergency fast and provided the proposed chiller within hours of being called. Andrews Sykes also provided a team of expert engineer and technicians, to ensure uninterrupted cooling and reduce the temperature for the entire facility to a comfort zone. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Comfort Cooling and Temperature Control for Suite Apartment & Leisure Environments

Controlling the temperature of your serviced apartment and facilities is essential to keep your customers returning and writing good reviews. Andrews Sykes energy efficient HVAC cooling solutions are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet your specific space under comfort zone.

Recently, at a construction site in Dubai where some of the luxury serviced apartments are famous for, the contractors were struggling hard in peak summer for the finishing and hand over. As everyone knows, the final stage is especially challenging during the summer months if the chilled water supply to the building is not commissioned by the area district cooling plant. The high temperature & high humid climate adversely affects the interior fit outs, carpets, furniture and quality of work. Due to the extreme climatic situation in UAE, Andrews Sykes Chiller hire team was called up to the rescue.IMG_8820 read more

Forming Ice for the new Ice rink in Dubai

The summer season in UAE attracts a lot of visitors to indoor activities and play areas. The ice rinks and snow parks are one of the major attractions loved by all ages.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental had the opportunity to work with one of the newest indoor ice rink located at the Dubai World Trade Center. The authorities had requested us for a firm and stable ice formation before the opening of the entertainment center.

Chiller for Ice Rink

 The task of formation of firm ice all over the rink was carried out with the help of our 700kW Chillers, which are capable of cooling down areas to low minus temperatures and can be connected to existing pipework easily with the help of flexible hoses. read more

Summer Is Here… What Next?

It’s finally here, the long feared, fiery, hot and humid summers of the Middle East! And, there will be no getting away from the heat nor the sun. This is the time where we long for fresh cool air and some relief from heat.

We are sure you have your routines still scheduled, but you wouldn’t want the summer heat to affect your activities. At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, we keep your mind focused on all your summer fun, whilst we take care of providing you a comfortable and cool atmosphere. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental works with UAE Railways

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has been awarded the cooling contract for the upcoming GCC railway line. The increasing temperatures were reducing the productivity of the workers working on this project.

With tight schedules and deadlines to be met, the construction required an effortless dedication from all its workers on this project. Which is where, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by the contractors in order to help with the cooling for the workers. The rising temperatures were causing a delay in construction. read more

Summer is near… Contact Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for the Best Solution!

As we enter into the month of April, we are realizing the weather is getting warmer day by day. By next month it is forecasted that UAE will experience approximately 36-38 degree Celsius (96-100 degree Fahrenheit)! It is time to make preparations for the arrival of the fierce and mighty summer months ahead in the year 2014.

During busy summer months, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has year on year supported some of the major players in the UAE market. We have managed to provide cooling and comfort to clients from distinguished industries such as Facilities Management, IT, Food & Beverages, Events Management, oil & gas, Petrochemical, Retail and Aviation to name a few. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Cools Down the Event Tents

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was contracted as the cooling partner for the marquee tents at a prestigious event which recently was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The event was scheduled in its huge signature white tent also known as the Big Top, which was approximately 35 meters high, which is close to a 10-storey building. The show comprised of a grand performance with 41 exotic horses and 36 aerial and acrobatic performers from all over the world giving a tribute to Abu Dhabi’s history and divine culture of the emirate. The total area spread around 2440 square meters giving the horses and performers an ample space for moving around and performing. read more

Why Cool Your Wedding?

Do you have your wedding fixed? Congratulations!!!- WHAT NEXT??? – Oh yes, you need to plan it right, to keep the memories alive in the minds of every attendee. Weddings are known for its lavish décor, themed flowers, tasty food and beautiful guests and not to forget the wedding dances.

When it comes to weddings in the Middle East, you know it is going to be hot, humid and a lot clammier if you have 50+ guests on your invite list. While you may have all the preparations in place, you might lose when the temperature starts warming, which is sure to happen (We are in Middle East!). read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental welcomes a new set of Air Handling Units

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, it is not new to see its fast additions and updating of its products to keep up with the efficient pace of its services. Andrews Sykes’s team firmly believes in continuous updating of all their chillers, air conditioners, ventilators, air handlers, dehumidifiers, heaters and boilers for them to deliver the best of the services to its clients.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has recently added 6 new Air Handling Units to their fleet.  With the latest addition of these air handlers, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental believes it will lead to the most effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly air circulation, which matches the clients comfort more effectively and quietly (Who would want to hire a highly noisy air conditioner/chiller/heater?) read more