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Emergency cooling for retail giant prior to grand opening

Andrews Sykes climate rental, UAE was recently contacted by Middle East retail giant in Sharjah, seeking the installation of a temporary cooling equipment in order to keep comfort room temperature at the food section area. The food supplier recommended to maintain comfort room temperature to avoid potential issues that lead to food spoilage.

Seeking a solution on a temporary basis, that was chasing the contractors to complete the chilled water chemical flushing procedures prior to their grand opening of new retail store. Expert from Andrews Sykes recommended 3nos of HPAC30 (30kW) mobile cooling package equipment for the temporary climate control at the food section area.  The solution was not only to cool down the food section but also ensured the workers to remain operational in a comfort workspace. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Cooling for Solar Power Plant in Abu Dhabi

During the summer months, Substations, Transformers & LV Rooms experience high de-rates in energy efficiency. Andrew Sykes Climate Rental was called to cool these environments and ensure client receives optimal power from Solar Power Plant and power efficiency.

We are pleased to be awarded such a prestigious project, where our experts have installed the newest high performance air conditioner in our range, the 10 Ton Packaged AC unit, which is one of the finest unit for cooling of industrial processes. read more

Andrew Sykes provides split air conditioners for a Laundromat to ensure it can continue providing dry cleaning services to the hotel & hospitality industries.

The hot and humid weather in UAE and other Middle Eastern Countries affect almost all sectors and industries causing unnecessary delays, increase in costs, reduced work productivity, restlessness etc.

The facility is responsible for hygienic cleaning of various linen, towels, beddings, pillow cases & duvets, thus heat and humidity control was very important considering the material stayed in its best quality and the cleaning and ironing process remained swift and smooth.

 Split Air Conditioner for Rent

Our team of experts suggested the installation of portable air conditioner units (PAC22), which can spread cool air around the area and also reduce the humidity levels. After the installation of the units, the cleaning process was smooth and steady. read more

Andrews Sykes to the rescue of Fujairah Desalination Plant

Emergencies are unexpected and cause a lot of chaos. This reminds us of our recent project in a desalination plant in Fujairah, UAE, which suffered a sudden LV (electrical) room breakdown, which lead to halt in lot of processes.

The breakdown had obstructed the work, the employees and workers were having a hard time with the increased humidity and heat. The authorities were in need of a cooling supplier at the earliest to avoid further delays in processes.

This urgent request for air conditioners was handled by Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, where we were able to supply the required AC units in time to the plant location. 27 units of Portable Air Conditioners AS 14 were installed by our engineers to keep the desalination plant comfortable and cool. These units are one of our most popular air conditioner units and are fully automatic in operation. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Cools Down the Event Tents

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was contracted as the cooling partner for the marquee tents at a prestigious event which recently was held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The event was scheduled in its huge signature white tent also known as the Big Top, which was approximately 35 meters high, which is close to a 10-storey building. The show comprised of a grand performance with 41 exotic horses and 36 aerial and acrobatic performers from all over the world giving a tribute to Abu Dhabi’s history and divine culture of the emirate. The total area spread around 2440 square meters giving the horses and performers an ample space for moving around and performing. read more

Andrews Sykes Cools Down Server Rooms

Computer equipment generates heat, and is sensitive to heat, humidity and dust but it is also the need for communications and networking in the modern day to day business. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to IT system reliability. Every business is dependent on its server rooms and data centers for smooth online communications. It has become extremely necessary to keep all the equipment in these rooms at their required temperatures and humidity at all times. read more

Andrews Sykes- Increasing Office Productivity for over 50 Years!

We have all heard that the temperature at the office has an effect on our productivity. It may not be apparent but you may lose more than what you think when you are undergoing your maintenances or breakdowns leading to cooling system fully or partially shut down.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is the Middle East’s expert, in providing support to businesses and offices with emergency and planned HVAC support when general maintenance is scheduled or an emergency breakdown takes place.

 Productivity lowers in high temperature

We at Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, understand the need of an efficient and productive workforce, which is one of the major assets to an organization. Whether it be your staff at the office or your workers working in an outdoor area, we provide with the required climate control equipment to keep all your employers comfortable and relaxed, wherever they be! read more

Why Cool Your Wedding?

Do you have your wedding fixed? Congratulations!!!- WHAT NEXT??? – Oh yes, you need to plan it right, to keep the memories alive in the minds of every attendee. Weddings are known for its lavish décor, themed flowers, tasty food and beautiful guests and not to forget the wedding dances.

When it comes to weddings in the Middle East, you know it is going to be hot, humid and a lot clammier if you have 50+ guests on your invite list. While you may have all the preparations in place, you might lose when the temperature starts warming, which is sure to happen (We are in Middle East!). read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental (ASCR) protects your most valuable assets in the heat!!!

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is called out to one of the Luxury Cars service Center to ensure customers valuable assets are protected from the high summer temperatures in the UAE by providing a set of temporary air conditioners.

Photo 2Photo 1

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has provided the service center with a number of temporary air conditioners to keep up with the standards of luxury associated with the high brand, not to mention the dedicated support of our team throughout the installation process.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is the ultimate choice for all your cooling, air conditioning and chilling needs. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has a full range of cooling solutions ranging from Evaporative Coolers, Split Air Conditioners, Package Air Conditioners, Chillers, Air-handlers, Boilers, Dehumidifiers, Heaters and Ventilation equipment. Dehumidifiers can also be provided. read more

Temporary Cooling Solution for a 5 day Event in Oman

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides specialist climate control products for immediate hire/rental. Our range covers all types of equipment from evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners through to chillers and air handling units for larger projects.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provided Chillers with a combined output of 250 Ton connected to Air Handling Units with a capacity of 400 Tons of cooling to an event sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman in his personal venture to grow and assist SME’s in the Gulf and in particular Oman. This 5 day event was held in the centre of Oman in Nizwa. read more