Boiler Rental

Boiler product update

Andrews Sykes would like to update all our Clients about our new and improved hot water boiler products:

We have a full range of mobile boilers which include 22kW & 36kW mobile electric boilers. These can be connected to any hot water or heating systems quickly & easily. They are ideal for commercial, industrial and leisure applications.

We also have 250kW & 500kW trailer mounted boilers. They can also be connected to water systems but are also ideal to be connected to our 150kW, 300kW & 600kW air handlers that can provide large scale heating for events during winter or large scale drying applications. These units are also complemented by our HPAC90 range which is the market leader high performance package unit with heat pump. read more

Our HVAC Equipment Is Ready To Serve You during the Upcoming Winter Season In The Middle East

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental we realize the importance of being ready in advance so that we are able to take the quickest action when a client needs us.

Looking forward to the change of seasons in the Middle East, we have prepared our climate control fleet to serve you better during the cooler than usual months of the year.

Our heating fleet which also includes our most popular HPAC 90 units and the  HPAC 45 units (both of which work as a heating and cooling equipment with an inbuilt thermostat to control the desired temperatures) have undergone a thorough service by our team of engineers to keep the units ready for hire. read more