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COVID-19: Challenges and Responsibilities

In line with government directives in United Arab Emirates on remote working and social distancing, Andrews Sykes climate rental UAE, have begun working remotely from home as precautionary measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Praising the governments work from home initiative, Andrews Sykes have implemented the work from home directive since March 25, 2020. Andrews Sykes climate rental are responsible for the health, safety and wellness of their employees. About 90-percentage of sales and administration staff are working from their homes, we are still ensuring that emergency and urgent deliveries can be carried out as safely as possible. read more

Emergency cooling for retail giant prior to grand opening

Andrews Sykes climate rental, UAE was recently contacted by Middle East retail giant in Sharjah, seeking the installation of a temporary cooling equipment in order to keep comfort room temperature at the food section area. The food supplier recommended to maintain comfort room temperature to avoid potential issues that lead to food spoilage.

Seeking a solution on a temporary basis, that was chasing the contractors to complete the chilled water chemical flushing procedures prior to their grand opening of new retail store. Expert from Andrews Sykes recommended 3nos of HPAC30 (30kW) mobile cooling package equipment for the temporary climate control at the food section area.  The solution was not only to cool down the food section but also ensured the workers to remain operational in a comfort workspace. read more

Tube manufacturing firm requires emergency temporary air conditioning

Less frequent service schedule over long periods of time, chilled water system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – this create chances of it breaking down completely. When a well-known tube manufacturing and re-tubing company in Dubai suffered chiller failure at their Jebel Ali depot, an emergency chiller rental was necessary to keep staff and the machineries to work comfortable on site.

Client admitted, their existing unit was very old and less effective, so the eventual breakdown came as no surprise. Therefore, a quick solution was required to ensure their warehouse cooling facility to get restored. The warehouse space was overheating due to the large machineries and heat loads from small sized ovens. read more

Temporary cooling provided to the Facilities Management Sector

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by a market leading Facilities Management company to provide a temporary chiller solution for the shopping mall while the permanent unit was sent to the manufacturer for refurbishments and overhauling of compressors. This process takes 2-4 so Andrews Sykes provides temporary cooling to ensure the mall could continue as usual without shoppers being affected.

Andrews Sykes provided 1 x 100kw (28TR) temporary chiller with supporting circulation pump, hoses and accessories. This unit complements our full range of chillers which includes 50kW – 700kW (15TR-200TR). We also have a full range of air conditioning units, heaters and ventilation equipment. read more

Emergency office cooling provided by Andrews Sykes for skyscraper

One morning we received an emergency breakdown call from a Client in a high rise skyscraper to inform us that the AC for the entire tower had shutdown. They had more than 100 people on a full level of the building and needed an urgent solution. Andrews Sykes immediately dispatched a sales engineer to conduct a site survey. Within 2 hours we had dispatched the equipment and the Client had cooling before the extreme heat during the middle of the day.

The temporary solution included AS14 tube exhaust AC units. The units were distributed around the office to provide good cooling & air distribution. We also provided AC units for the server room to ensure that the servers could continue to run as they were critical in were used for offices in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. read more

PAC60 provides temporary cooling for data center

If you ever ask an IT profession what is the most important part of a company is they will always tell you the data center and servers. These servers are the brains of the organization which include emails, financial statements, reports, brochures and other very important information about a company. Most companies would not last long without the servers, databases and other intellectual property.

Andrews Sykes has the market leader cooling solution for data center cooling called the PAC60. This is a 5TR split AC which has been designed for quick installation & mobilization due to the plug-and-play hoses and cables. No need to fill the system with refrigerant and weld copper piping. read more

Andrew Sykes provides split air conditioners for a Laundromat to ensure it can continue providing dry cleaning services to the hotel & hospitality industries.

The hot and humid weather in UAE and other Middle Eastern Countries affect almost all sectors and industries causing unnecessary delays, increase in costs, reduced work productivity, restlessness etc.

The facility is responsible for hygienic cleaning of various linen, towels, beddings, pillow cases & duvets, thus heat and humidity control was very important considering the material stayed in its best quality and the cleaning and ironing process remained swift and smooth.

 Split Air Conditioner for Rent

Our team of experts suggested the installation of portable air conditioner units (PAC22), which can spread cool air around the area and also reduce the humidity levels. After the installation of the units, the cleaning process was smooth and steady. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Saves Critical Equipment at Hospital from Over Heating

A leading hospital in Dubai had approached Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for an urgent requirement of AC units when they incurred a sudden chiller breakdown.

Our experts made way to the site for a quick analysis and assessment to provide the suitable equipment. They were provided with 20 units of our powerful AS 14 air conditioner units on the same day. The units were utilized to cool down the critical equipment which required to be maintained at a specific temperature in order to meet health and safety standards of the hospital. read more

All geared up for the upcoming Ramadan Season!

Ramadan is celebrated as a very important and significant month in the Islamic calendar in UAE. With the upcoming Ramadan season falling in peak of summer season, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is ready to help their clients by providing first class air conditioners, chillers and air handler rental throughout this holy month.

We are well versed by expertise and knowledge in providing cooling for various environments such as events, hotels, restaurants, healthcare etc. With summer temperatures soaring above 50 degree Celsius, air conditioning becomes necessary in all Ramadan tents for keeping the guests comfortable while they break their fast. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental works with UAE Railways

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has been awarded the cooling contract for the upcoming GCC railway line. The increasing temperatures were reducing the productivity of the workers working on this project.

With tight schedules and deadlines to be met, the construction required an effortless dedication from all its workers on this project. Which is where, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by the contractors in order to help with the cooling for the workers. The rising temperatures were causing a delay in construction. read more