Evaporative Coolers

Andrews Sykes provide outdoor cooling for Music Festival

Evaporative coolers and cooling fans are becoming very popular for outdoor events. We recently provided EV36 & ASF950 to a Music Festival to keep the punters cool during warm evenings. This ensured they would enjoy the entertainment feeling cool and fresh.

Evaporative coolers can reduce the off-fan temperature by 7-10 degree Celsius during low humidity and used as a fan during high humidity. This is the reason they are popular in outdoor environments. Festivals, outdoor restaurants, theme parks & sports events are some of the most common uses for Evaporative Coolers. read more

Andrews Sykes provides temporary cooling & power for Military & Navy

Andrews Sykes was pleased to power shore power & cooling to military vessels and submarines as they entered port in the UAE to restock supplies. UAE is home to many bases and international forces which includes airbases, military camps, navy and air forces. Andrews Sykes provided a temporary solution including 2 x 700kW Chillers along with buffer tank, accessories, cable and hoses. This was supported with auxiliary power which included 2 x 1000kVA (1 running & 1 x standby).

Due to the high ambient temperatures during summer in the UAE & GCC, Andrews Sykes also provides many air conditioning units to the temporary man camps. These include PAC22 (2TR split AC units) and PAC60 (5TR split AC) for the accommodation and HPAC45 (12TR package unit) and HPAC90 (25TR package unit) for the kitchens, warehouses, hangers and other large structures. read more

Temporary cooling for Exhibition Tent

Andrews Sykes was pleased to provide a temporary cooling solution for an exhibition tent in the United Arab Emirates. We are pleased this year to support trade shows, exhibitions, functions, National Day events, theatre and cultural shows.

Andrews Sykes can provide a solution based on the aesthetics of the tent and internal design. We have split systems along with ducted systems to provide our customers with flexibility and choice.

We have a qualified team of experts that can support you with any requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected] or call on (+971) 800-79539. read more

Beach cooling for summer party

Dubai has one of the most spectacular coast line and beaches to enjoy. One of our Client decided to have his party on one of the beaches on the Palm Jumeirah Island. The views of Dubai’s skyline were amazing and included Burj Al Arab. The only problem was temperatures were reaching 35 degree Celsius and above.

They contacted Andrews Sykes to provide a temporary outdoor cooling solution which could be delivered and installed the same day and keep the guests cool. We provided our flagship Evaporative Cooler called the EV36. The cool air provided relief to the full venue. The unit also comes with a variable speed fan to ensure it can be adjusted to your preference. read more

Andrews Sykes provides tube exhaust AC units & Evaporative Coolers to Dubai Autodrome

The Middle East is fast becoming a major player in motorsports. It already hosts some world class events such as:
– Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix at Bahrain International Circuit
– Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit
– Qatar Motor Grand Prix at Lusail International Circuit
– Dubai 24H at Dubai Autodrome

Andrews Sykes was pleased to support the Abu Dhabi F1 race by providing 2TR & 5TR Split air conditioning units to the pit lanes last year. This year we were pleased to support the Dubai Autodrome with one of their race days. We provided tube exhaust AC units for inside enclosed areas and evaporative coolers & ventilation fans for the outdoor areas. read more

How cooling can benefit your outdoor workforce

With summer fast approaching, many of our Clients in the UAE & GCC have work forces working outside or in warehouses and factories. These areas can heat up to the ambient temperature which is 40 – 46 degree Celsius in summer.

The effects of heat on people working in hot conditions include fatigue, poor concentration, heat stroke, sickness and organ failure.

Andrews Sykes would like to offer some safety tips:

Drinks loads of water: avoid caffeinated & alcoholic drinks. Sugary/soda drinks take longer than water & sports drinks to be absorbed by the body so avoid these if working outdoors. read more

Evaporative Air Coolers Keep the Award Show Cool

In 2014, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the “Drones for Good Award” which was first held in Dubai, UAE in the year 2015.

The award being the first of its kind in the Middle East, attracted over 800 participants from 57 different countries. It was organized in an outdoor area of Dubai internet city, which required some cooling to keep the overwhelming amount of guests comfortable.

Being an outdoor area, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental used their fleet of evaporative coolers which were placed strategically around the area to keep the event cool and comfortable for the guests. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental enhances wedding at 5 star hotel in Dubai

When you celebrate your once in a lifetime special day, you would like to remember it for all the good reasons. Recently, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental had the opportunity of enhancing the ambience of a wedding taking place in the garden of a 5-star hotel in Dubai.

After a brief site survey of the location, our experts provided the clients with our EV 25 Evaporative Coolers which are ideal and adept for cooling the outdoors. The units were placed all across the seating area for the guests to be seated comfortably during the entire duration. read more

All geared up for the upcoming Ramadan Season!

Ramadan is celebrated as a very important and significant month in the Islamic calendar in UAE. With the upcoming Ramadan season falling in peak of summer season, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is ready to help their clients by providing first class air conditioners, chillers and air handler rental throughout this holy month.

We are well versed by expertise and knowledge in providing cooling for various environments such as events, hotels, restaurants, healthcare etc. With summer temperatures soaring above 50 degree Celsius, air conditioning becomes necessary in all Ramadan tents for keeping the guests comfortable while they break their fast. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Cooling for IPL (Indian Premier League) 2014 Viewers!

As the season for IPL 2014 starts, it brings along with it the excitement and cheer from thousands of fans across the UAE and other countries.

The IPL series is celebrated, whilst watching the matches in medium to big groups, in residential apartments, restaurants, clubs, hotels, offices etc. During the matches, you are sure to see a jam packed audience cemented in front of the television screen, hooting and cheering for their favorite IPL team.

IPL 2014

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental had the opportunity to serve the IPL audiences throughout the Emirates in various public hubs. A whole lot of viewers were seen engrossed in the exuberance of the event. read more