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Andrews Sykes provides temporary cooling & power for Military & Navy

Andrews Sykes was pleased to power shore power & cooling to military vessels and submarines as they entered port in the UAE to restock supplies. UAE is home to many bases and international forces which includes airbases, military camps, navy and air forces. Andrews Sykes provided a temporary solution including 2 x 700kW Chillers along with buffer tank, accessories, cable and hoses. This was supported with auxiliary power which included 2 x 1000kVA (1 running & 1 x standby).

Due to the high ambient temperatures during summer in the UAE & GCC, Andrews Sykes also provides many air conditioning units to the temporary man camps. These include PAC22 (2TR split AC units) and PAC60 (5TR split AC) for the accommodation and HPAC45 (12TR package unit) and HPAC90 (25TR package unit) for the kitchens, warehouses, hangers and other large structures.


Andrews Sykes is chosen as the preferred cooling and power supplier due to its high level of professionalism, quality and after-sales support. These are a major prerequisite for all military, navy & air force requirements.

Andrews Sykes has a full range of air conditioning equipment can be tailor-made to meet any requirement. This includes chillers, air-handlers, split air cons, package air cons, exhaust air cons and evaporative coolers. We also have a full range of ventilation fans, heaters and boilers.

If you would like any assistance choosing the best cooling, power or heating solution, please contact Andrews Sykes on (+971) 800 79537 or email [email protected]

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