Heater Rental

Andrews Sykes helps District Cooling Plant during maintenance & repair shutdown

We were recently approached by one of the major district cooling vendors in UAE (also commonly known as utilities supplier) to provide a temporary chiller during their planned maintenance & repair shutdown.

Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers and high rise buildings. Each of these buildings requires huge amounts of cooling that are often provided by DCPs (District Cooling Plants). These plants often range from 2,000TR – 10,000TR of various chiller packages. Often the district cooling vendors need to shut down the plant for maintenance & repairs. This might include routine maintenance, replacement of chiller spare parts or repairing damaged pipework.Blog 10 read more

Andrews Sykes newest heater ID35 in Action!

The recently launched heating unit from Andrews Sykes Climate Rental – ID35 indirect fired heater – was provided for a major event client in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Although the desert climate in UAE can get hot during the day, the nights can often be very cold during the winter season. When an outdoor event organizer realized that the seating area of the event was being affected by the cool blowing winds, it immediate approached Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to provide suitable solution to keep the area comfortably warm and cozy. read more

Torrential rainfall hits UAE and Andrews Sykes provides emergency support

Last week, the UAE experienced torrential rainfall. This caused major issues around the region.

Our specialist Pump Division, Khansaheb Sykes, was able to assist with submersible & ground-water pumps to help the areas affected by flooding. This included basements of shopping malls, hotels, high-rise building, subway stations and roads.

Once the ground water was removed, our specialist Cooling Division, Andrews Sykes, was called to provide solutions to help dry out the affected areas. Solutions included heaters, air conditioners with heat pumps, ventilation fans & building dryers. read more

Heating the Sports Tournament

The UAE witnessed a spell of chilly winds during the first quarter of the year 2016. The unexpected chill has risen the demands of temporary heaters in the region.

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was contacted for one such heater rental enquiry for a tennis tournament being held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. After a brief site survey, our experts recommended the use of our HPAC90 which is one of the most flexible Air conditioning and heating unit. Two unit were delivered and installed at a distance from the main event and heat was transferred to the area with a perfectly arranged duct system. read more

Read More About Our Newest Heater in The Middle East Here!

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is proud to announce the latest addition to their hire fleet. Our all new heater ID35 is one of the most economical and advanced unit which is capable to be used for varied applications and environments. The product has been developed to be catered in the Middle East during the cooler seasons and is an ideal partner for events, constructions, manufacturers, storages and warehouses etc.

The unit performs great in small to medium sized locations with its maximum airflow going up to 1450 m3/h. The unit which comes with an external thermostat allows fuel costs to be kept within budgets making it an efficient and reliable heating unit. The unit is designed to look modern and comply with the latest industry regulations on health and safety. read more

As UAE embraces winter, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental keeps fleet ready for the season!

After a hot and humid summer season, the residents of gulf are embracing the chilly and windy winters which have recently started. The winter season comes with increased inflow of tourists, holiday parties and outdoor events.
Keeping in mind the sudden change of weather from hot to cooler temperatures, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has kept ready their fleet for the current and upcoming months.

Our HPAC90 and HPAC 45 are two units which are widely in demand and loved by our clients for being able to stabilize the temperature at a stagnant level as it comes installed with an inbuilt thermostat and heat pump, making it usable in both summer and winter season. read more

Our HVAC Equipment Is Ready To Serve You during the Upcoming Winter Season In The Middle East

At Andrews Sykes Climate Rental we realize the importance of being ready in advance so that we are able to take the quickest action when a client needs us.

Looking forward to the change of seasons in the Middle East, we have prepared our climate control fleet to serve you better during the cooler than usual months of the year.

Our heating fleet which also includes our most popular HPAC 90 units and the  HPAC 45 units (both of which work as a heating and cooling equipment with an inbuilt thermostat to control the desired temperatures) have undergone a thorough service by our team of engineers to keep the units ready for hire. read more

Protect your businesses from the change of weather with Andrews Sykes Climate Rental

As the weather turns cooler day by day, it is essential that companies must take necessary precautions in order to prevent any damages to their projects or buildings. Changing temperatures can affect the temperature sensitive materials such as walls, plaster, concrete, furniture, etc.

Our dehumidification and heating units are available to serve you whenever required to continue maintaining temperatures and to ensure that your projects are protected from any loss.

The Middle East experiences very high humidity levels during the transition between summer and winter with excess fog formation and poor visibility over the coastal and internal regions, widely effecting the late nights and early mornings. Irrespective of the drop in temperatures, the humidity continues its highs. read more

The Newest High Performance Air Conditioner HPAC 45 in Action!

Our newest high performance air conditioner HPAC 45 was utilized for use in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industry.

A leading natural gas manufacturer required complete drying of an industrial air cooled heat exchanger in Dubai, UAE. After a brief survey of the site, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has suggested the client with a suitable and economical solution to bring down the dew point temperature from 16 degree celsius to 8 degree celsius.

The recently launched high ambient cooling and heating packaged units HPAC 45 was proposed to the client to dry the internal tubes of the heat exchanger. High pressured dry/warm air at 60 degrees celsius was supplied constantly to each heat exchanger for a period of 3 hours. Once the required dew temperature was achieved the system was filled with nitrogen gas and the heat exchanger was sealed for further use of the client. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for the Protection of Instruments

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental had a chance to help out the musicians who were performing at an event in Abu Dhabi, UAE. During the practice sessions, the musicians realized that due to low humidity and cold temperatures, the stringed instruments were being affected.

Stringed instruments are made out of wood, which attracts and absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. When moisture is absorbed, it tends to swell, and when it releases moisture into dry and cold air, it tends to shrink. Both situations can be harmful to the instrument as the music notes are disturbed due to these changes. read more