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Does Air Conditioning Unit helps remove Humidity at home?

During summer, certain region experience very high humidity levels. Apart from temperature discomfort, high humidity can also bring mold which many individuals have allergic reactions to. A person mostly elects to stay inside during these humid times and turn up the air conditioning, but can your air conditioning unit genuinely eliminate humidity within your home? [...]

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Torrential rainfall hits UAE and Andrews Sykes provides emergency support

Last week, the UAE experienced torrential rainfall. This caused major issues around the region. Our specialist Pump Division, Khansaheb Sykes, was able to assist with submersible & ground-water pumps to help the areas affected by flooding. This included basements of shopping malls, hotels, high-rise building, subway stations and roads. Once the ground water was removed, [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Welcomes The Fresh Spell Of Rain!

On 3rd January 2016, the UAE residents and tourists woke up to an unexpected surprise spell of rain around parts of Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain. Thick cloudy skies, water puddled roads and reduced temperatures were experienced all across. The sudden turn of winters from dry to wet was cherished [...]

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Dehumidification units moving fast during the high humidity season

The shift from summers to winters in the Middle East is often accompanied with a peak rise in the humidity making the atmosphere very humid and uncomfortable. A research showed that human beings start feeling uneasy and comfort levels considerably decline after the moisture level in the air increases beyond 60%. The effect of humidity [...]

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Protect your businesses from the change of weather with Andrews Sykes Climate Rental

As the weather turns cooler day by day, it is essential that companies must take necessary precautions in order to prevent any damages to their projects or buildings. Changing temperatures can affect the temperature sensitive materials such as walls, plaster, concrete, furniture, etc. Our dehumidification and heating units are available to serve you whenever required [...]

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Learning the Basics of Dehumidification and Rental of Dehumidifiers

As the weather in the UAE has started to get a little cooler compared to as experienced in the extreme summer months, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is busy helping organizations and local residents to dry out and get a relief from the humid weather which is experienced all throughout the year in this region. Being [...]

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New Product Announcement!

Innovations, Development & Improvements- That’s how Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has moved forward. We fully believe in keeping all our units and assets developing continuously to serve our clients with the best services. With this believe in mind, we are proud to present to you with our latest product innovation: Fast Dri FD40 Dehumidifier. This [...]

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Andrews Sykes Dehumidifiers to the Rescue!

Anyone working in the food industry is aware that working with chocolate in high humidity is very difficult. If you see your chocolate is looking dull or dusty in appearance, it might be due to the high amount of humidity it is experiencing during its storage. Chocolate is best stored in a dry, cool, dark [...]

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