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Taking the pressure off clients with our tank drying expertise!

Tank drying is a critical process in many industries, particularly in the manufacturing and storage of chemicals, petroleum products, and other liquids. This process involves the removal of moisture or other residual fluids from the inside of tanks, pipelines, or other containers before they are filled or used for storage.

The temperature at which tank drying is performed is an essential parameter that must be carefully controlled to ensure the quality and integrity of the tank and the stored product – and that’s where we come in! read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental expands dehumidifier rental fleet

We are excited to introduce one of the industry’s most economical dehumidification units – now available for rent.

The product combines impressive drying capacities with minimal power consumption and has been designed for use on projects where low dew point temperatures exist.

Despite being a high performance drying solution, this unit uses just 10kW of power per hour – making it significantly more efficient than similar products offered elsewhere.

Our latest models have been designed by a specialist manufacturer and incorporate all modern technologies to provide customers with an enhanced performance but lower operating costs. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental- UAE is fully equipped for the coming of Hot Spell

Temperature is slowly picking up across UAE and our range of Chillers, Portable and High Package Air-conditioning Units, evaporative coolers is ready to cater UAE market. Our chiller rental team is busy in preparation for upcoming events across UAE.

Additionally, the team is ready to assist you any time, welcomes an appointment for free site visit and is cable of preparing value engineering solutions which will save client high value of investment for the project. Andrews Sykes Chiller Rental team is upgrading themselves every now and then to optimise the cost and innovative solution. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller UAE provided cooling for one of the oldest college in Dubai

During the last quarter of year 2017, Chiller rental Dubai have supplied and installed small chiller units, 3 nos. of 50kw Chillers to the renowned oldest college in the city for the expansion. Subsequently, in the first quarter of the current year, the college expansion continues and for this reason, the school management decided to place their new requirement of bigger chiller units to our Chiller rental UAE which is supplied by our Dubai branch. The College is very well-known for providing good quality education in the UAE. Due to this current expansion plan and demand for cooling loads, client has been in contact with our rental chiller division for supplementary cooling. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE provided precise cooling for Critical Open Heart Surgery

One of the local government hospitals contacted Andrews Sykes chiller rental division to provide uninterrupted and precise fresh air cooling system for operation theatre.  Since operation theatre is a facility within a hospital where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment, the requirement is to bypass the existing fresh air handling unit with Andrews Sykes Air cooled package unit to provide 100% treated fresh air.

The client target is to achieve between 16 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius inside the main operation theatre. Our cooling specialists were tasked to provide a regular fresh air flow through the existing duct. read more

Boiler product update

Andrews Sykes would like to update all our Clients about our new and improved hot water boiler products:

We have a full range of mobile boilers which include 22kW & 36kW mobile electric boilers. These can be connected to any hot water or heating systems quickly & easily. They are ideal for commercial, industrial and leisure applications.

We also have 250kW & 500kW trailer mounted boilers. They can also be connected to water systems but are also ideal to be connected to our 150kW, 300kW & 600kW air handlers that can provide large scale heating for events during winter or large scale drying applications. These units are also complemented by our HPAC90 range which is the market leader high performance package unit with heat pump. read more

Andrews Sykes provides Inlet Cooling for Power Plant

During the hot summer months, large gas & diesel turbines experience large de-rates. De-rates refer to the loss of power output due to heat. This can be as high as 15-25% when temperatures reach 45 degree Celsius.

A local utility vendor approached us in the UAE and asked for turbine inlet cooling. This solution has 3 parts:

Part 1: provided additional chillers to the existing heat exchanger to increase cooling capacity. This includes a 200TR/700kW Chiller and 100TR/384kW Chiller.

Part 2: Provided a chiller and air handler along with ducting to duct the cold air of the air inlet of the turbine. This artificially reduced the air temperature and increased the efficiencies. read more

New industrial ventilation fans arrive in GCC

Andrews Sykes is pleased to announce the arrival of our new industrial ventilation fans. This product line has been popular in the region based on high speed air flow which is critical for many applications.

These units are often used to improve the air quality of a particular area which is often a major health hazard to people. The most common application that these ventilation fans are used is when work is being conducted in confined areas. Examples include treatment of oil & gas tanks and during erecting bridges. Often diesel fumes from vehicles or plant equipment can also pose a health risk in confined area and fresh air needs to be ducted into the area or during demolition work. read more

Temporary mobile chiller for emergency shutdown

Andrews Sykes is pleased to offer our Clients an emergency shutdown temporary chiller solution. We can provide 50kW, 100kW, 384kW or 700kW chillers at short notice. We also don’t require a crane which can often cause delays to the mobilization and demobilization processes.

This solution can be provided to any facility that is connected to the district cooling network or a centralised chiller system. We can also connect quickly to a heat exchanger for process applications.

Downtime can often cause large financial loses for many of our Clients so speed is very important. We can also provide back up support to facilities during planned maintenance and shutdown work. This can be set up in a standby configuration or run during the permanent chiller repairs. read more

The effect of temperature on the 2016 Rio Games

We would like to congratulate all the athletes that recently competed in the Rio games.

The UAE hit a few milestones in the 2016 games. Here are the “UAE in numbers”:

– The Rio 2016 games will be the UAE’s 9th appearance at the games
– 67 athletes have represented the UAE in 10 sports
– 7 athletes competed for the UAE in Los Angeles 1984
– HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum won the UAEs first gold medal in Athen 2004 for shooting
– 13 athletes (9 men, 4 woman) will fly the flag for the UAE in Rio 2016
– Sergiu Toma won a bronze medal in Rio for Judo read more