Chiller Rental UAE

Temporary Climate Control of Switchgear Panels for Sewage Treatment Plant in Dubai

The summer in Middle East is so harsh as it is hard to work inside any building which is under construction or renovation, this due to high temperature and humidity. Most of the building contractors look for human comfort inside the building to keep their workers comfortable.

Recently, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provided two 100kW air cooled chillers and multiples of 50kW air handling equipment to a newly built switchgear and transformer room for a sewage treatment plant located at Jebel Ali district, Dubai. read more

Andrews Sykes Provided Temporary Cooling for High-end Event.

One of the distinguished property development and management companies searched for a state of the art exhibition pavilion to promote their multibillion project in Dubai.

The project was assigned to one of the local event organizers who contacted then Andrews Sykes Chiller rental division to design a very unique and elegant ducting system to match their exhibition interior.


The pavilion captivated huge spectators and by-passers and flooded the developer with enquiries. For this reason, the Chiller Rental Dubai team’s design was acknowledged with a high regard by the client. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller UAE provided cooling for one of the oldest college in Dubai

During the last quarter of year 2017, Chiller rental Dubai have supplied and installed small chiller units, 3 nos. of 50kw Chillers to the renowned oldest college in the city for the expansion. Subsequently, in the first quarter of the current year, the college expansion continues and for this reason, the school management decided to place their new requirement of bigger chiller units to our Chiller rental UAE which is supplied by our Dubai branch. The College is very well-known for providing good quality education in the UAE. Due to this current expansion plan and demand for cooling loads, client has been in contact with our rental chiller division for supplementary cooling. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller- UAE supplies the longest running cooling rental to one of the World’s largest Airport

The Chiller team is very ecstatic since up to this time, the most complicated chilled water network that required to be connected to all the scanners to maintain constant pressure and temperature has been running for two years!

To reminisce that particular day, it was the beginning of the year 2016 when Andrews Sykes Chiller rental received a phone call to conduct a site visit and propose the most suitable and efficient chilled water network solution that has a built-in pump chiller to suit also their HSE standards. downloadAndrews Chiller continues to grow its fleet for air cooled chillers, high efficient package units and portable AC units to widely serve and supply also to Aviations and Marine sectors. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE Provides Treated Fresh Air units for Events across the UAE

Our Chiller Rental Dubai is fully aware of the Dubai Municipality stipulation  that all smoking and shisha areas must be well ventilated and meet superior hygiene standards. Our Andrews Sykes Ventilation team is very much proficient to provide and satisfy the DM requirements and specifications as we are well equipped with  fleet of comprehensive products of both DX and Chiller water type fresh air handling unit that can guarantee to improve the air quality of a particular area which is often a major health hazard to people in confined areas. Hence, just recently, our specialist on this field has designed and supplied our well equipped extraction system to cramped areas to meet the requirements of our  various event’s customers. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Assists Vendors Participating in the Dubai Air Show

The Dubai Airshow is one of the most spectacular aerospace events happening in the UAE. Every year it hosts thousands of exhibitors from across several countries, and over 50000 trade visitors.

To keep their trade visitors and guests comfortable, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by several participating vendors to keep their area cool and comfortable. We have provided 2 units of our 100kW Chillers and 4 of our 100kW Air Handlers which maintained the temperature and circulated air.

Our engineers coordinated with the organizers to ensure that all units were properly installed and functioning before the start of the event. read more

Warehouse Cooling in Jebel Ali, Dubai

Excessive heat in manufacturing or warehouse environment can negatively impact on your laborers, production levels and even decline the quality of the goods produced or stored. The temperature of the storage areas and warehousing facilities is of a growing concern in the Middle East, in order to produce the product which meets the quality standards set by the government.

Keeping the standards of production and storage in mind, a lot of warehousing and storage companies approached Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for cooling solutions. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Assists Major Paint Production Company

We all know that temperatures affect the paint consistency, the quality, appearance and the durability of a paint. Paints when left out in extreme weather conditions can cause dryness. Also varnishes and sealants expand and contract etc.

The direct effect of extreme temperatures on paint is that it loses the bond with the underlying surface when applied and becomes flaky and peels off easily. To ensure that paint stays in the best quality while being produced and stored in the warehouses, manufacturers must maintain the temperatures at all times. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Now Also Provides You Cooling with Power Rental Solutions

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is proud to announce that they have partnered with a leading Power Rental firm in the UAE and can provide you with combined packages of cooling and power rental.

Our team has been constantly looking for ways to move forward in order to give you with the most feasible and progressive solutions. Outdoor cooling backed up with necessary generator rental provides our clients with a sustainable solution.

Cooling & Power Rental

A continuous source of electric power is necessary to keeping your site functional at all times. Our Chillers and AC’s deployed at your site can be connected with on-site generators ranging up to 2000kW, making it a turnkey, bespoke solution to all your temporary cooling needs. We have practically reduced your efforts to look out for a separate supplier for power rental solutions and bring to you a combined package at a more competitive pricing. read more

Providing Rental Chillers to the Mega Concert Event in Dubai, UAE

UAE attracts an innumerable amount of tourists to attend various shows, concerts, events and other entertainment mediums which are known throughout the world.

When an American Pop Singer made her way to her very first Middle Eastern show in Dubai, the entire country was looking forward to it. Various fans flew across neighboring and distant countries to attend the event. With the humungous crowd gathered, the management decided to cool the venue area to keep the audience and performers comfortable and lively. read more