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Andrews Sykes High performance unit for Aircraft Model launch.

It was bright shiny Monday morning when our Chiller rental department received a call from one of the airport authorities to share wonderful news about the new luxury aircraft model. The client wanted to make sure that the VVIP guests and customers who flew across the country to witness this phenomenon and to enjoy on [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provided Central Cooling System for Art & Culinary Exhibition

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental UAE has another successful story to share. One of its large warehouses is converted into Art and Culinary exhibition venue where numerous renowned GCC artists and chefs were invited to exhibit and demonstrate their expertise. With scorching summer where temperature inside the warehouse reached as high as 40 degrees Celsius, [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Wishes Everyone a Happy National Day

The National Day is celebrated across the United Arab Emirates on December 2nd every year. This day is celebrated by everyone across the seven emirates of UAE. Various patriotic events, national parades, theatre shows, exhibitions and processions take place across the region to portray the love of the country. The holiday and winter season are [...]

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Andrews Group Celebrates Fifty Years Landmark

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is proud to celebrate the success of reaching the 50th-year milestone in business this year for its Andrews brand. It has come a long way since the brand was established five decades ago. The brand was initially started as Andrews Industrial Equipment in the early 1960’s, and soon after the company [...]

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