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Air conditioning rental cools guests at popular nightclub

One of the UAE’s most iconic and luxurious bars desperately needed air conditioning to reduce temperatures inside one of their very eye-catching structures, with our client concerned that customers might seek alternative venues unless cooling equipment could be deployed quickly.

Our knowledgeable engineers designed a system that would supply a cold breeze towards guests, despite the obvious challenges created by the fact that the application was predominantly outdoors.

The challenges associated with maintaining a constant temperature at a location affected by being open to the elements are obvious, but we pride ourselves on being able to work within challenging parameters to ensure customer satisfaction. read more

Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental provides temporary cooling solution for a Luxury 4-Star Hotel Lobby in Dubai

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, the Middle East’s specialized Air Conditioner and Chiller Rental Company had a very busy summer 2018 for air conditioner rental business.

After the newly introduced high performance split air conditioner rental into fleet, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has supported multiple Sectors in UAE including Facilities Management, Resorts and Leisure, Manufacturing and Events.

Recently, after receiving a call from a luxury hotel chain in a need of additional cooling in their main lobby, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was able to offer a quick turnaround effective cooling solution with minimal disruption to the hotel guests. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Comfort Cooling and Temperature Control for Suite Apartment & Leisure Environments

Controlling the temperature of your serviced apartment and facilities is essential to keep your customers returning and writing good reviews. Andrews Sykes energy efficient HVAC cooling solutions are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet your specific space under comfort zone.

Recently, at a construction site in Dubai where some of the luxury serviced apartments are famous for, the contractors were struggling hard in peak summer for the finishing and hand over. As everyone knows, the final stage is especially challenging during the summer months if the chilled water supply to the building is not commissioned by the area district cooling plant. The high temperature & high humid climate adversely affects the interior fit outs, carpets, furniture and quality of work. Due to the extreme climatic situation in UAE, Andrews Sykes Chiller hire team was called up to the rescue.IMG_8820 read more

Temporary cooling for Exhibition Tent

Andrews Sykes was pleased to provide a temporary cooling solution for an exhibition tent in the United Arab Emirates. We are pleased this year to support trade shows, exhibitions, functions, National Day events, theatre and cultural shows.

Andrews Sykes can provide a solution based on the aesthetics of the tent and internal design. We have split systems along with ducted systems to provide our customers with flexibility and choice.

We have a qualified team of experts that can support you with any requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us on [email protected] or call on (+971) 800-79539. read more

Andrews Sykes provides package AC unit for rig refurbishments

One of the major oil & gas companies in the UAE required some urgent work to be conducted on a rig. The Engineering specialists were sent from Europe to conduct testing and commissioning on the LV room and control panels. This task was required to be conducted in the middle of summer where temperatures were still 35+ degrees Celsius.

As the Engineers did not have time to acclimatize to the extreme temperatures, Andrews Sykes was requested to provide an immediate solution that could be mobilized at short notice. read more

Andrews Sykes provides Inlet Cooling for Power Plant

During the hot summer months, large gas & diesel turbines experience large de-rates. De-rates refer to the loss of power output due to heat. This can be as high as 15-25% when temperatures reach 45 degree Celsius.

A local utility vendor approached us in the UAE and asked for turbine inlet cooling. This solution has 3 parts:

Part 1: provided additional chillers to the existing heat exchanger to increase cooling capacity. This includes a 200TR/700kW Chiller and 100TR/384kW Chiller.

Part 2: Provided a chiller and air handler along with ducting to duct the cold air of the air inlet of the turbine. This artificially reduced the air temperature and increased the efficiencies. read more

Warehouse cooling save products from heat damage

Every year, Andrews Sykes is called to provide temporary cooling for warehouses. We have had many requirements ranging from comfort cooling of workers to cooling products to avoid them perishing, warping or to avoid heat damage.

Some of the interesting projects we have supported include:

Providing cooling for rice storage facility in Sharjah. Certain types of rice release toxic gas when exposed to high temperatures and humidity.

Luxury German car manufacturer in Abu Dhabi. Requires spares and parts to be kept in particular temperatures to ensure safety standards and warranty. read more

One of the leading malls in Abu Dhabi needed urgent cooling!

With the recent tourism boom in the UAE, entertainment venues and outlets are filled with people. Major sources of entertainment in the Middle East are the numerous malls that are full with shops, restaurants, cinemas and restaurants.

Recently, a leading mall in the emirate of Abu Dhabi was facing issues with their cooling system which needed an immediate temporary solution in order to keep their visitors comfortable. The most affected area was the food court section where the entire area was packed with hundreds of visitors at any given time. Our client also risked being closed down by the local authorities. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Packaged AC Units for the Dubai Tram Project

With the initial stage of the Dubai Tram Project coming to an end, the railway network is expected to be officially launched on 11th November 2014.

The coaches have already begun their test runs, with the most recent trial being conducted during the visit from few members of the royal family of Dubai, UAE

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is proud to be a part of this royal tram trial, where it has provided packaged AC units and ventilation fans to ensure a smooth cooling flow wherever required.

Portable Air Conditioner at Dubai Tram Project

After receiving a quick response, delivery and installation by our HVAC team, the officials of the project were greatly impressed and have ordered another few units of air conditioners to be installed at the project location. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Cooling for Solar Power Plant in Abu Dhabi

During the summer months, Substations, Transformers & LV Rooms experience high de-rates in energy efficiency. Andrew Sykes Climate Rental was called to cool these environments and ensure client receives optimal power from Solar Power Plant and power efficiency.

We are pleased to be awarded such a prestigious project, where our experts have installed the newest high performance air conditioner in our range, the 10 Ton Packaged AC unit, which is one of the finest unit for cooling of industrial processes. read more