Andrews Sykes provides package AC unit for rig refurbishments

One of the major oil & gas companies in the UAE required some urgent work to be conducted on a rig. The Engineering specialists were sent from Europe to conduct testing and commissioning on the LV room and control panels. This task was required to be conducted in the middle of summer where temperatures were still 35+ degrees Celsius.

As the Engineers did not have time to acclimatize to the extreme temperatures, Andrews Sykes was requested to provide an immediate solution that could be mobilized at short notice.

We provided a HPAC90 which is the market leader in package AC units. This unit is 25TR and comes with variable speed fan and temperature settings. This allowed the Engineers to adjust the temperature to any setting to ensure the work could be done in a safe and efficient manner.


The HPAC90 also has a smaller version called the HPAC45 which is a 12TR high performance package AC unit. It also comes with variable speed and temperature settings so it has the same performance but with less power requirement and foot print.

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