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Emergency Dehumidification for Sky Scraper in Dubai

Chilled water pipe burst is one of the most common piping problems, both in the home and the high-rise buildings. Several things can cause Burst Pipes, the main one been pipe failure due to age. Some other reasons for burst pipe can be pipe failure due to misuse or damage. The pipe can be put [...]

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Air conditioner rental provides bespoke emergency cooling solution for major EPC company in AbuDhabi

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE were recently approached by one of the major Oil & Gas company serving into Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) in Takreer, Abu Dhabi for emergency breakdown service. Andrews Sykes were happy to offer our high performing unique 90kW cooling and heating VFD air conditioning package unit. The purpose of the [...]

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Does Air Conditioning Unit helps remove Humidity at home?

During summer, certain region experience very high humidity levels. Apart from temperature discomfort, high humidity can also bring mold which many individuals have allergic reactions to. A person mostly elects to stay inside during these humid times and turn up the air conditioning, but can your air conditioning unit genuinely eliminate humidity within your home? [...]

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Are you ready for winter? Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Middle East offer a Solution focused on Chiller Maintenance for your Existing Building.

Routine maintenance is an essential part of maximising performance & efficiency from your HVAC equipment. This includes the smallest split system air conditioner to the large multi-chiller plant. A preventive maintenance plan should be carried out each year. With reduced temperatures during the winter months there is no better time to act! Andrews Sykes Chiller [...]

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Andrews Sykes Central Cooling System for Luxury Villas

Dubai is the hub of various luxurious community villas. When it comes to building grand villas, it is vital to maintain a controlled room temperature and humidity for various works such as joineries, special floor painting, wooden flooring & decorated wall stickers installation. Andrews Sykes Rental UAE had designed and supplied temporary central cooling system [...]

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Humidifier provides load for indoor swimming pool testing

We were recently approached by a Commissioning Consultant that wanted to conduct a humidity load test for an indoor swimming pool facility. They wanted to artificially recreate the humidity levels that would be experienced by the moisture from the heated swimming pool to test the permanent air conditioning and dehumidification systems. Andrews Sykes were approached [...]

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New FD40 dehumidifiers arrive in UAE

Our clients will be pleased to know that we have received a new shipment of dehumidifiers just in time for the humid conditions in the United Arab Emirates & GCC. August is forecast to break humidity records. Our top 5 dehumidification applications include: 1. Internal fit-out in construction sector: relative humidity needs to be maintained [...]

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Muggy conditions ahead: difference between Relative Humidity & Dew Point

In UAE, most people think that humidity increases during summer but as the below graph shows, this remains relative constant between 26% & 92% throughout the year. Dew point is a better measure of how comfortable people will feel compared to relative humidity as it directly relates to how perspiration will evaporate from the skin. [...]

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Andrews Sykes provides temporary cooling & dehumidification solution to a local hotel, resort & spa in Ajman

We were recently approached by a global 5 star hotel, resort & spa chain to provide a temporary cooling & dehumidification to one of their facilities in Ajman. Ajman is one of the seven Emirates in United Arab Emirates which is made up of Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain and [...]

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Torrential rainfall hits UAE and Andrews Sykes provides emergency support

Last week, the UAE experienced torrential rainfall. This caused major issues around the region. Our specialist Pump Division, Khansaheb Sykes, was able to assist with submersible & ground-water pumps to help the areas affected by flooding. This included basements of shopping malls, hotels, high-rise building, subway stations and roads. Once the ground water was removed, [...]

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