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Humidifier provides load for indoor swimming pool testing

We were recently approached by a Commissioning Consultant that wanted to conduct a humidity load test for an indoor swimming pool facility. They wanted to artificially recreate the humidity levels that would be experienced by the moisture from the heated swimming pool to test the permanent air conditioning and dehumidification systems.

Andrews Sykes were approached to provide temporary humidification equipment, see picture below. The Client was able to test the performance of their system in a controlled environment and as various humidity levels.

blog-35-12-10-2016-humidifier-provides-load-for-indoor-swimming-pool-testingThe most popular industries for dehumidification & humidification units include museums, art galleries, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, industrial processes, manufacturing plants, offices, residential apartments, villas, IT and server rooms etc.

Andrews Sykes has a full range of humidification and dehumidification equipment. This includes building dryer, refrigerant & desiccant types. This is complemented by our ventilation & fan range.

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