Industrial Fans

Industrial Ventilation Rental for Luxury Hotel Construction, Dubai

Andrews Sykes has been recently awarded to provide ventilation system to one of the luxury hotel construction in Dubai. Multiple large size ventilation fans (FV900 and FV600) placed inside the basement area to improve the air movement.

Each bigger size fan can push the air upto 40m distance. All the fans have been located at different points of the basement for the uniform air circulation. The installation was to be done at a high elevation which provoked many challenges. In spite of these, the entire equipment was installed without any hassle. read more

Dust Storm Sweeps Across UAE

National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) alerts residents over thick dust clouds that reduced visibility to less than 1300 meters in Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

NCM Said: “The weather will be partly cloudy in general and hazy at times, with moderate winds of 12-26km/h to blow across internal areas”.


Dust storms can contain particulate matter, which can be a serious threat to human health if it accumulates in the respiratory system. Dust particles can lead to respiratory problems, particularly for people with asthma. … Breathing a lot of dust over a long period of time may cause chronic breathing and lung problems. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental UAE Provides Ventilation system for Event

On the very first day of summer in UAE, a couple of five star hotels called out Andrews Sykes Climate Rental to help them satisfy the Dubai Municipality regulations. Dubai Municipality regulations which among others that all hotels under the jurisdiction of Dubai Municipality adhere to provide their facility with a complete ventilation system. The ventilation experts from our team immediately conducted an ocular inspection and discussed the method statement and execution procedures.  They carried out the job bearing in mind the technical guidelines and specifications set by the DM Authority. Indoor smoking and shisha areas must be well ventilated to pass the Dubai Municipality Standard on Indoor Air Quality. Units from our fleet,  FV600, FV500 and FV100 are positioned to support HPAC90 to achieve the indoor air free from any contaminants. read more

Andrews Sykes provides tube exhaust AC & ventilation fans for new airport terminal building

One of our Clients was awarded the contract to build the new A380 terminal building at Dubai International Airport. The extension required major work on the existing AC system and Andrews Sykes was contacted to provide temporary units during this process.

The solution comprised of AS14 tube exhaust air conditioner units along with FV100 ventilation fans. The AC units were able to provide the additional cooling load required to keep the building cool while the ventilation fans provided the air movement and distribution to areas that were under construction. read more

Humidifier provides load for indoor swimming pool testing

We were recently approached by a Commissioning Consultant that wanted to conduct a humidity load test for an indoor swimming pool facility. They wanted to artificially recreate the humidity levels that would be experienced by the moisture from the heated swimming pool to test the permanent air conditioning and dehumidification systems.

Andrews Sykes were approached to provide temporary humidification equipment, see picture below. The Client was able to test the performance of their system in a controlled environment and as various humidity levels. read more

New industrial ventilation fans arrive in GCC

Andrews Sykes is pleased to announce the arrival of our new industrial ventilation fans. This product line has been popular in the region based on high speed air flow which is critical for many applications.

These units are often used to improve the air quality of a particular area which is often a major health hazard to people. The most common application that these ventilation fans are used is when work is being conducted in confined areas. Examples include treatment of oil & gas tanks and during erecting bridges. Often diesel fumes from vehicles or plant equipment can also pose a health risk in confined area and fresh air needs to be ducted into the area or during demolition work. read more