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COVID-19: Challenges and Responsibilities

In line with government directives in United Arab Emirates on remote working and social distancing, Andrews Sykes climate rental UAE, have begun working remotely from home as precautionary measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Praising the governments work from home initiative, Andrews Sykes have implemented the work from home directive since March 25, 2020. Andrews Sykes climate rental are responsible for the health, safety and wellness of their employees. About 90-percentage of sales and administration staff are working from their homes, we are still ensuring that emergency and urgent deliveries can be carried out as safely as possible. read more

Tube manufacturing firm requires emergency temporary air conditioning

Less frequent service schedule over long periods of time, chilled water system can lose efficiency and become ineffective – this create chances of it breaking down completely. When a well-known tube manufacturing and re-tubing company in Dubai suffered chiller failure at their Jebel Ali depot, an emergency chiller rental was necessary to keep staff and the machineries to work comfortable on site.

Client admitted, their existing unit was very old and less effective, so the eventual breakdown came as no surprise. Therefore, a quick solution was required to ensure their warehouse cooling facility to get restored. The warehouse space was overheating due to the large machineries and heat loads from small sized ovens. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Emergency Cooling for Leading Facilities Management Company in AbuDhabi

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental were contacted by one of Abu Dhabi’s leading facilities management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for their large laundry facility. The project appeared following the breakdown of their permanent chilled water system, which happened during the peak summer and triggered provision to the replacement of faulty chiller.Advanced Laundry

An expert from Andrews Sykes conducted survey and proposed to install two 682kW air cooled chiller along with one VFD driven 660kW air handler and multiple 100kW portable air handler units. Hire team reacted to the emergency fast and provided the proposed chiller within hours of being called. Andrews Sykes also provided a team of expert engineer and technicians, to ensure uninterrupted cooling and reduce the temperature for the entire facility to a comfort zone. read more

Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Comfort Cooling and Temperature Control for Suite Apartment & Leisure Environments

Controlling the temperature of your serviced apartment and facilities is essential to keep your customers returning and writing good reviews. Andrews Sykes energy efficient HVAC cooling solutions are designed by our in-house engineering team to meet your specific space under comfort zone.

Recently, at a construction site in Dubai where some of the luxury serviced apartments are famous for, the contractors were struggling hard in peak summer for the finishing and hand over. As everyone knows, the final stage is especially challenging during the summer months if the chilled water supply to the building is not commissioned by the area district cooling plant. The high temperature & high humid climate adversely affects the interior fit outs, carpets, furniture and quality of work. Due to the extreme climatic situation in UAE, Andrews Sykes Chiller hire team was called up to the rescue.IMG_8820 read more

Andrews Sykes Central Cooling System for Workers’ Comfort

Here is something you have to know before summer ends and keep in mind when again summer strikes in 2018.

Did it ever cross your mind that during summer season with temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius is still possible to tone up the mind and body of workers in a construction area?

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental, UAE – “Definitely, YES.” This task is already a run-of-the-mill for our cooling team partnered with our well-equipped HPAC90.

Workers are provided with the mandatory rest time, midday break, to prepare their stamina for the second shift to pull off productivity.  Hence, we have positioned at least four of Andrews Sykes Climate 90kW Package Air Condition units to cool the rest area having a measurement of 2400 square meters which can accommodate 2000 workers. Due to this reliable and seamlessly installed package Air Conditioner units, the workers got pleasure from the adequate fresh air and able to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental is designed to serve any sectors such as Construction, Hospitality, Events, Oil & Gas, Marine, Aviation, Medical facilities, etc. at any where across UAE(Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Fujairah and Um Al Quwain).

Alternatively, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides internal ducting system, industrial ventilation rental, chiller rental, dehumidification rental, heater rental,  fresh air treatment, return air treatment, warehouse cooling, construction site cooling and district cooling system.

Should you need our products and services,please contact us on (+971) 800 79537 or [email protected]

Andrews Sykes Climate Rentals Units Cool Down the Mega Event in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

The Formula 1 mega event is one of the main highlights of the last quarter in the UAE, which keeps every racing fan rushing to attend the same.
Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was honored to be a part of serving this mega event which lasted for 3 days in the month of November’2015.
To cool down the indoor area, our team of experts provided series of our portable split air conditioner Pac 22 which is a strong, compact and stylishly designed in a modern fashion. It’s elegant body and easy to install system made it easy to be used all around the location wherever cooling was most required. read more

Temporary Cooling for Government Officials

Office air conditioning is one of most necessary requirement for businesses to ensure their employees and visitors are comfortable and perform their best.

Proper cooling in the office ensures that your employees are at comfort and able to focus on work rather than ways to tackle the heat. It has been surveyed and found out that employees fall low on productivity when the temperatures are higher than average.

A government office in Sharjah was facing a critical problem with their central air conditioning unit and thus needed an emergency temporary solution while the repairing works finish. Our engineers rushed to the site with temporary exhaust tube units. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental AC units Save the Day!

A sudden break down of the central air conditioning system in an office in Sharjah had left all production and routine activities at halt. Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was called on urgent basis in the early hours of Sunday.

Our engineers rushed to the site to check inside office temperatures which were measuring up to 35 degrees Celsius. A quick solution comprising of seven units of the AS 14 Exhaust Tube Air Conditioners and three units of the PAC 22 Split Type AC units was advised.

Office Temperature- AC Rental

The installation happened within less than two hours which ensured the routine activities to restart very quickly and the management began to schedule their daily tasks in a short while. The client was impressed with the quick response and the instant delivery and installation. The expected hire duration lasts for about a week or up until the main central air conditioning system is repaired and in proper working condition. read more

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Cooling for Solar Power Plant in Abu Dhabi

During the summer months, Substations, Transformers & LV Rooms experience high de-rates in energy efficiency. Andrew Sykes Climate Rental was called to cool these environments and ensure client receives optimal power from Solar Power Plant and power efficiency.

We are pleased to be awarded such a prestigious project, where our experts have installed the newest high performance air conditioner in our range, the 10 Ton Packaged AC unit, which is one of the finest unit for cooling of industrial processes. read more

Andrew Sykes provides split air conditioners for a Laundromat to ensure it can continue providing dry cleaning services to the hotel & hospitality industries.

The hot and humid weather in UAE and other Middle Eastern Countries affect almost all sectors and industries causing unnecessary delays, increase in costs, reduced work productivity, restlessness etc.

The facility is responsible for hygienic cleaning of various linen, towels, beddings, pillow cases & duvets, thus heat and humidity control was very important considering the material stayed in its best quality and the cleaning and ironing process remained swift and smooth.

 Split Air Conditioner for Rent

Our team of experts suggested the installation of portable air conditioner units (PAC22), which can spread cool air around the area and also reduce the humidity levels. After the installation of the units, the cleaning process was smooth and steady. read more