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Emergency Dehumidification for Sky Scraper in Dubai

Chilled water pipe burst is one of the most common piping problems, both in the home and the high-rise buildings. Several things can cause Burst Pipes, the main one been pipe failure due to age. Some other reasons for burst pipe can be pipe failure due to misuse or damage. The pipe can be put [...]

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Are you ready for winter? Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Middle East offer a Solution focused on Chiller Maintenance for your Existing Building.

Routine maintenance is an essential part of maximising performance & efficiency from your HVAC equipment. This includes the smallest split system air conditioner to the large multi-chiller plant. A preventive maintenance plan should be carried out each year. With reduced temperatures during the winter months there is no better time to act! Andrews Sykes Chiller [...]

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Andrews Sykes Air Conditioner Rental Provide Emergency Climate Control for Dubai’s Leading Building Management Company

Andrews Sykes air conditioner rental have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within hotel environments and facility management. Andrews Sykes air conditioner rental was contacted by one of Dubai’s leading building management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for one of their prestigious luxury living project [...]

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Andrews Sykes HVAC Hire for Upcoming Ramadan

Soon, Muslims across the world will be preparing for the holy month of Ramadan. It is common knowledge that the month involves fasting, and ends with a celebration called Eid. But it is actually about much more than that- the Islamic month is also about charity, reflections and resolutions. By going without food or water, [...]

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Emergency office cooling provided by Andrews Sykes for skyscraper

One morning we received an emergency breakdown call from a Client in a high rise skyscraper to inform us that the AC for the entire tower had shutdown. They had more than 100 people on a full level of the building and needed an urgent solution. Andrews Sykes immediately dispatched a sales engineer to conduct [...]

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One of the leading malls in Abu Dhabi needed urgent cooling!

With the recent tourism boom in the UAE, entertainment venues and outlets are filled with people. Major sources of entertainment in the Middle East are the numerous malls that are full with shops, restaurants, cinemas and restaurants. Recently, a leading mall in the emirate of Abu Dhabi was facing issues with their cooling system which [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provide an Air Conditioning Package for a Popular Restaurant in Dubai

A proper air conditioned restaurant ensures the guests and staff are comfortable and relaxed while they eat their food in leisure. On the other hand, a failed air conditioning system leaves the guest experience tarnished and a negative effect on the reputation. A popular restaurant in Dubai contacted Andrews Sykes Climate Rental for a complete [...]

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The Newest High Performance Air Conditioner HPAC 45 in Action!

Our newest high performance air conditioner HPAC 45 was utilized for use in the oil and gas and petrochemicals industry. A leading natural gas manufacturer required complete drying of an industrial air cooled heat exchanger in Dubai, UAE. After a brief survey of the site, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has suggested the client with a [...]

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FIFA World Cup, Madness Continues

  The FIFA World Cup series are beginning in less than 2 weeks. ¬†Yet again, we can see the football fever on the rise all over the UAE. To be a part of this fun filled journey, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental is supporting many of the local restaurants and public hub spots which are expected [...]

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