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Andrews Sykes heat pump for luxury aircraft brand

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental delighted to receive the fourth consecutive year to provide temporary climate control solution for a luxury aircraft model displayed at Maktoum airport. The event exactly coincides with Dubai Air Show and continues through winter season in Dubai.

Client wanted to make sure that the VIP guests and customers who flew across the airport terminal to witness this prototype and to enjoy on board experience. Andrews Sykes supplied high performing air conditioner along with generator to power up the cooling plant and to meet client’s other demands such as to power up the aircraft lighting and other controls.

Andrews Sykes proposed VFD driven high performance 45kW cooling/heat pump model (HPAC45) to make sure the pressure & temperature across the aircraft nozzle is as per manufacturer recommendation. The client was very happy with our HPAC45 due to user friendly control panel where-in speed for electronically controlled evaporator fan motors can be easily managed. The temperature setting can be precisely achieved which assured the indoor environment of aircraft is uniformly temperature controlled all the time. The client is so delighted for the better cooling & power solution provided this term and in return Andrews Sykes holds highest commitment to give comfortable hire solution for the most distinguished guests.

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