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Temporary Cooling for High-Class Event in Dubai

Another great achievement by Andrews Sykes UAE. Andrews Sykes air conditioner rental received a call from one of the airport authorities to share wonderful news about the launch of new luxury private aircraft model. The idea of the authorities was to create a prototype aircraft design, in which the visiting customers will receive the exact [...]

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Does Air Conditioning Unit helps remove Humidity at home?

During summer, certain region experience very high humidity levels. Apart from temperature discomfort, high humidity can also bring mold which many individuals have allergic reactions to. A person mostly elects to stay inside during these humid times and turn up the air conditioning, but can your air conditioning unit genuinely eliminate humidity within your home? [...]

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Are you ready for winter? Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Middle East offer a Solution focused on Chiller Maintenance for your Existing Building.

Routine maintenance is an essential part of maximising performance & efficiency from your HVAC equipment. This includes the smallest split system air conditioner to the large multi-chiller plant. A preventive maintenance plan should be carried out each year. With reduced temperatures during the winter months there is no better time to act! Andrews Sykes Chiller [...]

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Andrews Sykes Chiller Hire Provide Emergency Cooling for Leading Facilities Management Company in AbuDhabi

Andrews Sykes Climate Rental were contacted by one of Abu Dhabi’s leading facilities management companies who required an emergency cooling solution for their large laundry facility. The project appeared following the breakdown of their permanent chilled water system, which happened during the peak summer and triggered provision to the replacement of faulty chiller. An expert [...]

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Andrews Sykes Chiller for soap and detergent manufacturing company

The Chiller rental Sharjah team was called out by one of the largest soap detergent production companies for the process cooling as their production rate is decreasing due to the high temperature or heat generated by the friction between the soap and the rolls/screws. Our team worked on the design and proposal of a suitable [...]

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Emergency office cooling provided by Andrews Sykes for skyscraper

One morning we received an emergency breakdown call from a Client in a high rise skyscraper to inform us that the AC for the entire tower had shutdown. They had more than 100 people on a full level of the building and needed an urgent solution. Andrews Sykes immediately dispatched a sales engineer to conduct [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental provides Chillers and Air Handlers for Hospital in Umm Al Quwain, UAE

Cleanliness and safety are of core importance of any healthcare unit. When professionals from this sector contact us, we understand the sensitivity of the environment and provide them with efficient and hygienic rental equipment. Recently, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental were approached by a hospital in Umm Al Quwain for helping them with controlling excess humidity [...]

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Andrews Sykes Climate Rental Provides Cooling for IPL (Indian Premier League) 2014 Viewers!

As the season for IPL 2014 starts, it brings along with it the excitement and cheer from thousands of fans across the UAE and other countries. The IPL series is celebrated, whilst watching the matches in medium to big groups, in residential apartments, restaurants, clubs, hotels, offices etc. During the matches, you are sure to [...]

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