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Andrews Sykes Chiller for soap and detergent manufacturing company

The Chiller rental Sharjah team was called out by one of the largest soap detergent production companies for the process cooling as their production rate is decreasing due to the high temperature or heat generated by the friction between the soap and the rolls/screws.

Our team worked on the design and proposal of a suitable chiller that would provide a constant cooling for the soap roll and soap plodders to avoid damages on the product.



We did propose multiples of 100kw air cooled high ambient chiller to match the client specifications. In view of the fact that both the customer and our company worked within the HSE policy and procedures, our eco-friendly chiller received right away the approval from the customer’s HSE team and it was commissioned without delay.

Our chiller hire package worked perfectly and guaranteed constant chilled water was supplied to the production line thus increasing client’s supply rate across GCC within the estimated time frame.

The Chiller unit once again proved its efficiency to assist the customer to improve the company’s bottom line.

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