Air conditioning rental cools guests at popular nightclub

One of the UAE’s most iconic and luxurious bars desperately needed air conditioning to reduce temperatures inside one of their very eye-catching structures, with our client concerned that customers might seek alternative venues unless cooling equipment could be deployed quickly.

Our knowledgeable engineers designed a system that would supply a cold breeze towards guests, despite the obvious challenges created by the fact that the application was predominantly outdoors.

The challenges associated with maintaining a constant temperature at a location affected by being open to the elements are obvious, but we pride ourselves on being able to work within challenging parameters to ensure customer satisfaction.

To combat this, we deployed a series of jet nozzles to deliver high-velocity air conditioning from four HPAC90 units stationed outside the bar itself.

To the customer’s delight, our solution proved extremely effective and provided a vital source of temperature relief in an environment where hot conditions would not be accepted by patrons.