Luxury hotel requests cooling solution to assist tile laying process

Interior tile installations have very precise temperature requirements, with the thin-set mortar and grouting particularly susceptible to improper conditions. Curing times are greatly affected by extreme temperatures, and this can also damage an adhesive’s properties which in turn may lead to bond failure.

For this reason, a luxury hotel in Dubai recently approached Andrews Sykes Climate Rental prior to laying the tiles inside a number of swimming pools on site.

The hotel has several premium suites – each with their own individual pools – and these were all subject to an intricately designed tiling pattern that necessitated our assistance.

We were informed by the construction team that temperatures inside each pool area would need to be properly controlled for between six to eight weeks, meaning a temporary air conditioning system was required.

To ensure the surfacing was successfully completed, we recommended that each application benefited from a 17kW DX cooling unit in order to circumvent seasonal ambient temperatures of approximately 25⁰C.

Thanks to the solution we provided, our client was able to carry out a potentially complex task with minimal exertion – and ahead of the original deadline.