Helping a traditional Middle Eastern pastime get the go-ahead during events season

As we approach what promises to be another very busy Ramadan period, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has been busy helping customers with an array of seasonal requirements – including some particularly niche applications!

Shisha bars have long been embedded in Middle Eastern culture, albeit their origins are disputed, with the popularity of such facilities normally peaking during the months of April and May.

Because of this, we are already seeing enquiries from hotels, restaurants and other business proprietors looking to open temporary shisha cafés before the festivities commence.

The law stipulates that proposals must be approved on a case by case basis by the Dubai Municipality’s Public Health and Safety Department.

Additionally, those wishing to provide shisha services from their establishment should obtain a permit from the Civil Defence.

Each tent must obey strict guidelines relating to the ventilation and air conditioning amenities, while all smoking areas must be at least 25 feet away from exits and entrances.

Fortunately, our technicians are very familiar with the stringent conditions shisha bars are expected to operate under, which is why we have been helping customers solve any issues that could potentially contravene the rules.

In fact, our unrivalled ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification rental fleet means we can offer multifaceted solutions that have been specifically designed to suit the unique needs of this environment.

We’ll propose and install the correct size of ventilation fan to exhaust smoke produced inside shisha bars, and this is made easy due to the wide selection of units we stock. Our ventilation fans start at 1700CMH, with maximum capacities of up to 38000CMH available for the larger tents.

Our air conditioning capabilities are similarly impressive, with temporary systems tailored to match the heat load of any tent where cooling is required. From 4kW portable air conditioning units to multi-megawatt chillers that have been manufactured to deliver significant cooling duties, our expansive range of products guarantees that no project will ever be too big for us to handle.

Regular fresh air changes are mandatory in shisha tents, and this often necessitates the use of supplementary equipment to keep interiors free of odours and smoke. For these very specific applications, we generally recommend a combination of high performance variable drive DX units and dedicated dehumidification systems.

Any solution we put forward can also incorporate filtration systems as an additional safety measure, so you really are covered in any scenario.

We understand the challenges associated with trying to ensure your shisha bar ticks all the boxes, which is why we’ve made it easy for our customers to obtain all the equipment you need from a single supplier.