Torrential rainfall hits UAE and Andrews Sykes provides emergency support

Last week, the UAE experienced torrential rainfall. This caused major issues around the region.

Our specialist Pump Division, Khansaheb Sykes, was able to assist with submersible & ground-water pumps to help the areas affected by flooding. This included basements of shopping malls, hotels, high-rise building, subway stations and roads.

Once the ground water was removed, our specialist Cooling Division, Andrews Sykes, was called to provide solutions to help dry out the affected areas. Solutions included heaters, air conditioners with heat pumps, ventilation fans & building dryers.

Torrential rainfall

We were pleased to be able to provide emergency support to many of our Clients which included same-day delivery, installation and 24/7 support.

Andrews Sykes provided solutions to infrastructure companies, hospitals, hotels, joineries and personal villas. Our most popular products were the FD30, FD40 Dehumidifiers, FV100 & FV600 Ventilation Fans, ID 35 indirect fired oil heater and HPAC45 air conditioner with built in heat pump.