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Premium hotel kept cool by chiller and ventilation dual solution

For the last three years, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental has provided a well-known luxury hotel in the UAE with temporary cooling and ventilation. This seasonal requirement is an annual project that tends to occur in either July or August, when average temperatures regularly exceed 43°C.

In order to optimise space, our client had converted part of the hotel’s basement into a temporary office and subsequently required assistance with creating a more appealing working environment. Unsurprisingly, conditions beneath ground were even warmer than the outdoor ambient temperature, so a climate control arrangement was desperately needed!

Our local expert visited site to assess the requirement and in doing so, uncovered a number of hot spots. It was decided that a single 380kW chiller would deliver the correct cooling capacity for the intended area, and this was connected to several air handlers to help distribute conditioned air more evenly throughout the application. This was further supported by a series of FV600 and FV900 ventilation fans, which were used to increase airflow and maximise the circulation of cool air.

Thanks to this complex but effective configuration, we were able to dramatically reduce both the temperature and humidity to much more desirable levels. By reacting quickly to spec and install a combination solution in a matter of hours, we were able to maintain our excellent relationship with a valued and longstanding customer.

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