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High-end property developer requires complex climate rental solution

When a challenging job arises, our team is always quick to grab the opportunity to showcase the expertise and know-how that sets us apart from other providers.

Our engineers thrive under the pressure of having to think outside the box and it is these demanding situations that allow us to demonstrate our true capability.

In the summer of 2021, Andrews Sykes Climate Rental was approached by an upmarket property development company after they encountered issues with maintaining a comfortable temperature inside one of their luxury show apartments.

Conditions inside were considered completely unsatisfactory and there were fears from our client that the high humidity and excessive warmth could be extremely off-putting to potential buyers.

The apartment was located on the eighth floor of the building but access issues meant that any cooling equipment could not be sited any higher than the fourth floor. Because of this, our engineers were tasked with designing a suitable heat exchanger that would overcome the pressure loss incurred by a long chiller water pipe network.

We proposed two 100kW air cooled chillers along with a plate heat exchanger and buffer tank, before ensuring that our client was receiving sufficient flow through their permanent fan coil units. In doing so, we were able to guarantee that the necessary cooling capacities were uniformly achieved in all rooms.

Despite the obvious complexities, our engineers were able to implement a perfect solution which remains in place on an extended rental contract!

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